5 Facts You Didn’t Know About Old Man Logan

Since the day Logan trailer hit the social media, Old Man Logan has been building a lot of traction as it is Hugh Jackman’s eighth and final appearance as the Wolverine. The trailer dropped several easter eggs including , the man with a full covered face, the suspicion over the little girl as X-23 and several other signs. Titled as Logon, the movie will hand-pick several moments from his entire history which includes Reavers, X-23, and several Old Man Logan comics. Well, we will have to wait for a few months until we get to see the dark version of Wolverine. Here we bring five facts you did not know about Old Man Logan.

1. Old Man Logan is set 50 years ahead from now


The eight-issue storyline and the movie Logon is set 50 years from now. We have seen time-traveling in the Wolverine stories and in this one the villains of the world collectively take over the world with most the superheroes dead. Now as the per the trailer, the movies seem to be set in the future and it will not necessarily end up like the X-Men. Moreover, it will give the writer more freedom to carve the story creatively.

2. Wolverine swears off violence in Old Man Logan


That’s ridiculous. The violent mutant who gets angry when some try to harm his family is not showing off his claws. Moreover, Logon is now encapsulated in his own pacifism over the villains he had killed in his timelines. Well, he once believed that he killed his own X-Men members when a bunch of villains entered into X-Mansion. As he thought he killed the villains but he figured out that he killed his own friends trying to protect them.

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