5 Facts You Didn’t Know About Old Man Logan

3. Logan loses his closed ones

Wolverine is tired to long his closed ones. From his friend Rose to Mariko’s death and when he lost Silver Fox. In the Old Man Logan, as he loses his X-Men family, he again loses other new members of the family. At the beginning of the series, Logon is actually living a happy life with a wife and children, even after being deprived of poverty, away from the Hulk gang. But then, one day as he returns back home he sees that the gang killed his family.

4. Wolverine turned old before the Old Man Logon


Old Man Logon is not the first time that Wolverine is looking old. Before that, he turned old in Wolverine: The End. In this future, he was seen suffering from arthritis and appeared to be extremely slow. Before he sets out to explore his past, he appears to be living in Canada.

5. There is no appearance of X-23 in Old Man Logan

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X-23 appeared in the Logon trailer and she is currently holding the place of Wolverine in Marvel. She is going to a major character in the movie, but she did not appear in Old Man Logon series. Her appearance will bring a new turn in the story, which take places so far in the future.

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