Why We Think The Avengers Have Not Learnt Anything From In Infinity War

MCU’s Infinity Saga saw the end of many superheroes’ journeys, namely Iron Man, Captain America, and more. So, we knew that they will have a big impact on the beginning of the next phase. And yes, Phase 4 is all about the remaining superheroes moving on and living up to the fallen ones’ legacy. But after the first few films of Phase 4, we think that the new Avengers have not learnt anything from the sacrifice of those who came before them. Keep up with the post why we think so.

The first three Phases of the MCU were all about a bunch of new superheroes coming together to stop an ultimate threat. Avengers: Infinity War saw these heroes fighting tooth and nail and going through hell and still lose. It wasn’t until they banded together against Thanos, in Avengers: Endgame, that they managed to put down the Mad Titan. After going through all this, you’d think that the Avengers had learned their lesson. However, after looking at Phase 4, we don’t think that the events of Endgame had any impact on the MCU’s heroes.



The MCU is based on a world that is filled with threats to the Earth, the galaxy, and the universe. For many years, the heroes were fighting small battles for themselves, unbeknownst to the bigger threat. It wasn’t until 2012’s Avengers that the heroes united to fight against a common enemy. Since then, the heroes came together every time a threat of that level surfaced. As years passed, more and more superheroes joined the fight. If this had continued, Thanos would never have won in the Infinity War. He won because the Avengers scattered following the events of 2016’s Civil War. But this loss brought them together in Endgame. So it’s only natural that we think they learned the power of unity. Boy, were we wrong!


Ever since Infinity War came out, fans were blaming individual heroes for Thanos’ victory. Some blamed Peter Quill for swaying from the original plan and letting his emotions affect his actions. While some blamed Thor for going to Nidavellir, instead of going to Wakanda and joining the other Avengers in the fight. Some even blamed Tony for insisting to go to Titan, when the real fight was taking place in Wakanda. But it was through all of their faults that the avengers lost. They lost because they were overconfident and didn’t think of communicating with their fellow Avengers. They could have discussed their course of action and defeated Thanos together. But we think they are still the same. They haven’t learned their lesson.


Why Do We Think the Avengers Have Not Learnt Anything?

Starting with WandaVision, fans have been missing heroes teaming up with others, to face an ultimate threat. Then came The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. If both of them had called another low-tier hero like them, defeating the Flag Smashers would have been a lot easy. And if the Avengers had aided Peter Parker in explaining to the public that he is a hero and not an enemy, NWH would not have happened. Also, the events of FFH were enough for us to believe that the Avengers are not learning from their mistakes. What superhero, in their right mind, would allow a kid to fight with inter-dimensional elements(even if turned out to be fake).


Avengers Have Not Learnt Anything

After going through hell and back, you’d think that the Avengers would start learning from their mistakes. At least, they would start communicating with each other. They could even build a new headquarters in a virtual reality that allows you to enter from any point in the Galaxy. Just imagine how beneficial it could have been. Not to mention, so cool! If the superheroes had access to such a technology, it could have been their winning factor in Infinity War. We saw a similar thing in the post-credits scene of Shang-Chi, but we haven’t seen it again after that. Even when the Eternals left a gigantic head and hand emerging from the center of the Earth.


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