The Flash: Ronnie Raymond May Not Be Savitar. Here is Why!

Who is Savitar? Who is he? This question has all the Flash fans in a spot of bother. We are just a couple of episodes away from the finale and from what we have seen, there have been a lot of amazing reveals this season. The last episode may have been on the slower side, but we get to know an important detail. Killer Frost aka Caitlin is now working with Savitar. This led many fans to believe that Ronnie Raymond is Savitar. But is he?

While arguments to this theory have been convincing, here are a few reasons as to why this theory of Ronnie Raymond being Savitar may not be true:

The biggest plot hole in this theory is how does Ronnie know about the new Team Flash? When Ronnie left (or died) Wally and Jesse Quick weren’t members of Team Flash. So how does he know their identities?

Second reason is how did Ronnie Raymond get the speed that even surpasses that of Barry Allen? The most popular theory we saw on forums was the blue flame Ronnie might have had after being far away from Stein for too long. But that still doesn’t explain the speed. It is highly unlikely that he built himself a Savitar suit while being in a singularity.

ronnie raymondOkay, we may still believe that he had constructed the suit. But what reason does Ronnie Raymond have to destroy Barry Allen’s life? Savitar is God of Speed, can’t he go back in time and save himself and prevent Caitlin from becoming Killer Frost. Also, why would Wally freeze and go into a shock, as we saw in the last episode after seeing who Savitar really is? All these things point to one thing RONNIE may not be SAVITAR.

Well, we will find it out in less than 24 hours, won’t we?

Aditya Goel

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