3 Favourite Movie Scenes You Didn’t Know ‘How They Were Shot’

The filmmaking job is not a piece of cake as it looks like on big screens. It takes weeks and months to complete several shots to meet the perfection. Obviously, we don’t get to see how much work goes into the process, whether it’s the shooting tricks or improvisation. The Hollywood industry always stretches an extra mile to get  a desired feeling and impact in the movie scenes. We are counting down on four movies shots that you did not know how they were shot.

1. Pulp Fiction

In one scene, Vincent Vega, the character played by John Travolta, tries to save the wife of his boss, Mia Wallace(played by Uma Thurman). In the next frame, it looks like Travolta injects a needle in the chest of Thurman to revive her life. Actually,Travolta pulled the syringe out, which was reversed in the editing process. And the red mark on her chest disappears after he gets syringe shot.

2. The Departed

2006’s crime drama film The Departed is one of the best films by Martin Scorsese. The film features oscar-winning star Leonardo Di Caprio, who played the character of Billy Costigan, played by John Nicholson. There are several scenes where Costigan interacts with Frank Costello, the mob boss. In one scene, Costello interacts about a man in Costigan’s crew. Well, Nicholson felt that the scene was not so intense so he decided to take out an actual gun. And most the expressions were actually real.

3. X-Men Apocalypse

During the Days of Future Past, Quicksilver impressed the moviegoers with his slow-motion rescue attempt in the Pentagon. His role in tHE X-Men Apocalypse was more extensive. So the speedster had to save everyone in the mansion. And everything was stretched to get the scene shot well. Director Bryan Singer used a highly sophisticated phantom camera. The camera was rolling with 90 miles per hour speed with the camera’s potential to catch 3000 frames per second.

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