Feeling Dejected? Go Shopping!!

No, I am not writing on this because I’m a woman😛 and I want to go out there and buy every possible thing 👜 (although yes my emotions in the blog are overpowering!), but I really mean it!

The whole week you spend time listening to your boss and clients, directing your subordinates, and sometimes you even end up feeling bum out. Not to worry anymore, we have a great therapy for that too!😁😀😉

To all the boys and the girls, males and females, sisters and their brothers 😝, women and men out there—Go and fetch the things you really want your cupboard to have, your homes to have, you want to gift your family, anything you buy would definitely freshen up your mood.

Don’t trust me? Then here are the reasons why shopping gives to immense pleasure and brightens up your mood!

  1. Kicks stressors out of your life

When you are buying anything whether online or offline, you put all of your concentration on the things you want to buy and thus, you focus on what you want to buy and forget the stressors… Thus, you prick the tension bubbles wandering around your mind. Quick! Take the shopping needle in your hand and start picking!


2. You are the power

When you visit a store, salespeople come running to help you, letting your mind feel in charge of the situation. So, buy those nail paints, shoes, and frocks and become the boss…


3. Newness in life

When you shop, you bring new things into your life which you admire only till the time you use it for the first time 😛 but nevertheless, it refreshes your wardrobe, room, and YOUR mood.


4. The Brainy thing

Here comes the Science! Shopping has science to people! When you shop, your brain releases Dopamine and this dopamine chemical plays a major role in reward- motivated behavior. Thus, putting you in the state of immense pleasure and feel good feeling!





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