YOU are the Mirror Image of JOY

 We, humans, have the habit of complicating everything. Few days back my mother cooked some samosas and sent them to my aunt. It was packed in a lunchbox whose lid was very easy to open. But my aunt kept on opening the lid by all the other ways instead of just pulling it. She kept on opening the lid but failed to open it because she never thought it was that easy to open. See…This is what it is…We all like to make things difficult. We complicate things ourselves!

Just try one thing right now– write Joy on a piece of paper, stand in front of a mirror and hold it in your hands. You’ll see that it resembles “YOU”.
Yes, you are the mirror image of Joy!

You have been sent to this earth to stay happy, to experience the bliss, to experience the joy. We all look at what is not with us instead of being happy, feeling joyful for what we have. We think that life cannot be so sweet for us. But we also don’t know this that if we are grateful, life by its own nature, becomes amazing.

You are a powerful being… you have been given this one life to enjoy. You precisely have only 24 hours a day to perform any task and to live your life to the fullest each day! Capture your fears, let your faith be greater than your fears… and your life would compulsorily become magical…

We need to understand that every problem has a solution and that solution is an easy one. All you need to do is understand the problem first instead of just trying to find out various solutions. If my aunt observed the lunchbox carefully, she wouldn’t have found it difficult to open the cover of the lunch box!

So, Stop complicating, Start Enjoying!

YOU are the Mirror Image of JOY
YOU are the Mirror Image of JOY

Cause You are the mirror image of Joy!
Choose Joy! Joy is your very nature, your stable state of being !!

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