5 Best Moments of Spiderman: Homecoming

This year saw the first Spiderman solo movie within the MCU and it was as literally fabulous. It did not give us the same old origin but was still an origin story for Peter Parker in the MCU. Here are 5 best moments from Spiderman: Homecoming.

Peter Saves The Vulture

In the climax of the movie, during the fight between Peter and Adrian, the Vulture. Peter saw Vulture’s suit being malfunctioned and tried to warn him, and then ended up actually saving him and became the better person, even in the eyes of the Vulture himself.

Car Ride To Prom

It was already a surprise for Peter and the audience as well that Adrian Toomes was the father of Liz Allen. After that during the ride to Prom Toomes figures out that Peter is actually Spiderman and warns him at the end not to cross his path again, which was quite threatening.

Washington Monument

The Washington Monument scene was the first where Peter actually takes charge of his responsibilities, fights his fear of heights and saves everyone in the lift. It also gave a nod at the iconic Spiderman kissing scene from the first Spiderman movie.

Peter Gathers Strength


After Peter was under the debris of the building that fell on him, he was stuck under a big stone and could not get up. It is during that scene that he believes in himself, that the strength lies within him and not the suit, and ends up lifting the stone and setting himself free. This was the first time Spidey felt really Inspiring.

Peter Denies Being an Avenger

At the end of the movie when Tony offers Peter a new suit and a place among the Avengers, he takes a very mature decision and denies Tony’s offer. It shows that Peter has actually grown up as a hero and learned a lot from his experiences.

Did You Know?

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