Justice League: Here’s Aquaman Recruitment Scene That Never Made it to Final Cut

‘Justice League’ released last year and it disappointed a lot of fans. Now, it was not DC’s fault that movie didn’t work out. The film was supposed to be directed by Zack Snyder, who directed movies like ‘Man Of Steel’ and ‘Superman Vs Batman: Dawn of Justice’ in the past for DC but he had to leave the film in between due to some personal issues after that Joss Whedon came on board to direct the movie and it was clear in the final cut of the movie that something was wrong. The tone of the film completely changed and it made no sense.

Now, a scene from Justice League has come out where Batman is recruiting Aquaman, in the movie the scene takes place a little differently than here. The main difference in the theatrical cut is that Bruce Wayne uses his business card to ask about Arthur Curry, while in the theatrical version he uses the money.

Well, this dysfunctional filmmaking did nothing but hurt the film. After the release of the movie, Fans wanted Zack Snyder’s version of the film to release but the makers thought that it would make no sense financially.

The reason why Whedon was brought on board to give a lighter tone to the movie but obviously that didn’t work out. It is rumored that Snyder shot enough to make a footage to have a decent story.

The darker tone of ‘Superman Vs Batman: Dawn of Justice’was highly criticized by the fans and the critics so that’s why DC decided to do something different with this film and that came out as a disaster. The character to shine the most in ‘Justice League’ was Aquaman played by Jason Momoa and after that, it was announced that the character will have its own origin movie.

The synopsis of the movie reads:

“Immediately following the events of Justice League, Arthur Curry, the reluctant heir to the underwater kingdom of Atlantis, tries to balance the world of the surface dwellers and his own people. But where does his loyalty lie? In the water or on the land? While Aquaman finds himself at crossroads with these questions, closer to home a known foe tries to dethrone him.”

‘Aquaman’ is scheduled to release on 14th December 2018 and it looks promising. The trailer of the movie released a few days ago at the San Diego Comic-Con event and it impressed the fans. DC is also looking for the release of ‘Shazam!’ and ‘Wonder Woman: 1984’, both the movies will be released in 2019. ‘Shazam!’on April 5, while ‘Wonder Woman: 1984’ on 1st November.

DCEU right now is lead by ‘Wonder Woman’, which played by Gal Gadot on screen and quite frankly, that is the only movie which is holding DCEU for a long time. People are expecting ‘Aquaman’ to be good as the trailer was really impressive and just like Gal, Jason Momoa looks like the character.

Earlier, we were supposed to bet the film on Batman starring Ben Affleck, who also wrote the script and was to direct the film but for some reason that didn’t go well and DC dropped that idea.

We are now uncertain whether Ben Affleck as Batman or not because there are rumors that he is about to leave DCEU if this is true then DC is in trouble, Ben is one of the stars in there and if he leaves, it will definitely hurt DC.

DC is also looking for Joker’s origin film directed by Todd Phillips starring Joaquin Pheonix as Joker. Now, this is the kind of film DC needs right now, this film is a guarantee to be a success as people love the character of Joker and this will be the first time we will see him as a main character.

It’s rumored that they will be making the second part of ‘Suicide Squad’. Now, the first one didn’t work out but DC can make the most out of this film but they have to establish their characters first. That is the major reason why ‘Suicide Squad’ was a disappointment, there were no back stories of the characters and we didn’t know anything about them.

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