New Data Reveals Hawkeye Will be As Big As Loki

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has diversified its portfolio in recent times. They have decided to focus more on OTT shows this year after being relatively quiet last year after Endgame. The MCU’s Disney+ shows have garnered rave reviews and expanded the story well beyond what was expected. We were introduced to the Multiverse this year and this brought about some of the most monumental changes in the series. The OTT shows have been a big part of this, even experimental, they have shown their mettle in the grand scheme of things. Now, new data reveals Hawkeye will be as big as Loki.

The Tom Hiddleston-led series Loki was anticipated to be one of the biggest when it came out. The longer the series went on, the more praise it garnered. The finale may have left some fans with a  bitter taste in their mouths with its open ending. But the show had already done its job of setting up Kang and the multiverse in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Every time we talk about the show new details surface and new theories start brewing. This is what Loki did for the MCU, it started up the conversation that had simmered down with Endgame.


Now, with Hawkeye on the horizon Whip Media has released some data that shows how the anticipation for the series is at par with that for Loki. It is quite extraordinary to see such a thing. We would not have expected the Jeremy Renner-led series to have the same hype as the ever-popular Loki, but here we are. This means that MCU’s little OTT experiment has been a grand success. Marvel has managed to create new Hype for the least interesting Avenger.


Hawkeye will be as big as Loki

However, the most interesting thing about this hype is that Hawkeye is trending as the most anticipated OTT series of the fall. Even when the show has a late release date for the year-end season, it seems that fans cannot wait for it to come out. The recent trailer for the series has only worked to amp things up to an 11 with the reveal of Kate Bishop and Echo being involved in the show. We do hope to see Matt Murdock and Daredevil make a come back to Marvel after years of absence, and it is our sincere hope that a Hawkeye series based in and around New York will be the gateway for this character.


Hawkeye Will be As Big As Loki

As things stand we know precious little about Hawkeye other than the fact that the show is going to give closure to the Ronin story. During Endgame, we found out that Hawkeye had been mourning the loss of his family by slowly destroying every crime syndicate he could get his hands on. Hawkeye is one of the most skilled soldiers in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He can do things that no one else can and he can do them with lethal precision. That is the gift of Clint Barton and he used it to eradicate crime. Not to seek justice, but to exact vengeance on anything and anyone he could get his hands on.



I would never want to be on the business end of Clint Barton’s bow. But it is expected that the Kingpin may find himself in that precarious position. With Echo confirmed to appear in the series, it will be natural for the mob boss of New York to make an appearance. This will also pave the way for Matt Murdock to show up and aid Hawkeye and Kate Bishop, even if for a short while. We love the archer and his new protege and cannot wait to see what misadventures they get up to.


Hawkeye Will be As Big As Loki

The Hawkeye series is expected to release on November 24 on Disney+. We hope that the series will accomplish wonders for the MCU and give us some great action. Hawkeye has always been a brawler rather than a superpowered hunk, and that is his ultimate selling point. He has no powers but only his will and his wits to aid him against world-ending threats. He battled Ultron bots with a bow and arrow for Christ’s sake. This man is truly a legend and his series is set to be legendary. Let us know what you think in the comments below and keep watching this space for everything Marvel, DC, and Hollywood.


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