New Photos Show Some Amazing Alternate Designs of Lizard for No Way Home

Spider-Man: No Way Home gave a massive increase to the hype surrounding the character of Spider-Man. The movie managed to bring back three generations of Spider-Men together and do proper justice to them. It has managed to become the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s highest-grossing solo venture following the end of the pandemic period. The movie also managed to bring back characters that had played prime antagonists in the past Spider-Man films. With so many villains to handle in a single project, the movie had minimal appearances from villains like Lizard and Sandman. It seems that the plans for Lizard were quite different from the rendition that we ended up seeing in Spider-Man: No Way Home. Read on to see some alternate designs of Lizard.

No Way Home

There were major rumors surrounding the third entry in the solo venture of Spider-Man in the MCU. Ever since the announcement that Alfred Molina and Jamie Foxx were going to reprise their roles as Spider-Man villains, fans started wondering about other candidates. Some of the most common names attached to this included the likes of Sandman, Lizard, and Rhino. Each of these had a lot more to be explored and No Way Home could have paved the way for that. When Lizard ended up appearing in the trailer there were reports of updates being done to the character. But these updates didn’t really make it to the character’s appearance in the movie.


Alternate Designs of Lizard for No Way Home

Marvel Studios’ visual development supervisor, Ian Joyner shared the alternate designs for the character of Lizard. Joyner had worked for the character during his first appearance in The Amazing Spider-Man where the character first appeared. Joyner stated in the post on his Twitter:

Recently got permission to share some new work I was able to do for Spider-Man: No Way Home and I will start off by showing… really old work! I worked on The Lizard way back in The Amazing Spider-Man and was able to revisit him for the new film. I will be able to show some of the explorations we did with the character but I thought it made sense to start here! While at legacy I was able to have Stan Lee sign a copy of this for me, one of the few images of my own I have displayed!


Along with that, he shared some of the designs that he made for the character for his return in No Way Home. Fans can see that the character actually looks a lot scarier as the human parallel is less and it appears more like a beast. This is actually more accurate to the appearance of the character in the comics. Next to the post, he added:

Early round of exploration for #thelizard for #spidermannowayhome was to see him in his lab coat (and purple pants!) plus showing that he has grown more beastly and developed some mass and a snout. Really fun to think about how he may look as the Lizard took more hold of him but wouldn’t work for the story.


Change In Appearance For Lizard In No Way Home

Alternate Designs of Lizard

Fans can clearly see that the character actually seems to have very minor updates following his appearance in the first film. Chris Waegner, visual effects supervisor for No Way Home had stated that this was in order to give him some more characteristics. According to him:

The Lizard (Dr. Curtis Connors) from “The Amazing Spider-Man” movie and had a very specific design to him unlike some comic book adaptations. For this movie, we started off exploring some new physical changes but in the end our filmmakers kept him quite similar to the previous design, incorporating just a few subtle changes.

It was important to our filmmakers that we explore different facets of The Lizard personality in this film. It was a lot of fun for the team to “unleash” The Lizard at Liberty Island. He was kind of like the proverbial “bull in a china shop” – full of reptilian rage while running through the construction area, tearing through the scaffolding and chasing Ned and MJ.


But one cannot really see any major updates unlike most of the other characters who returned for the movie. The most exciting of these updates was definitely with the character of Electro which was made a lot more interesting. It actually managed to improve a lot more on the character since we had last seen him in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. If every character would have been given updates then explaining them would have taken some time of the narrative on its own. Now that these characters are canon to the MCU we might get to see different renditions of them appear.


Spider-Man: No Way Home will have a digital release on March 22.

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