10 Times We Witnessed Fake Deaths in Popular TV Shows

Over the years we have gotten to see some of the most interesting shows having a variety of narratives. From a Meth cooking teacher to Dragons and Zombies fighting out a battle that will prove the reign over time. While the shows might be absolutely different from one another, there will certain elements that will actually remain common amongst all these projects. One of the biggest moments in any show is the sudden death of a character whom fans had been following or expecting differently. This puts an emotional impact on the viewer as they realize that the show has a different tone than they might have expected. But then there are moments where these deaths are actually fake and the fans are in for some of the most exciting twists they could have expected from the series. Let’s take a look at some of the most famous fake deaths in popular TV shows.

Jon Snow – Game Of Thrones

Jon Snow not being dead is probably the worst kept secret in television history. The fans were hyped about how the character would be brought back considering they expected Kit Harrington to leak the secret.


Glenn – The Walking Dead

There was much excitement when the episode ended randomly and hinted at Glenn’s possible death. Later we would find that this was just for the fans as Glenn would suffer a more horrible death later in the series.

Bobby Ewing – Dallas

The most obvious narrative of a fake death is supposed to be the concept of a nightmare. Patrick Duffy’s character being killed in a fender bender being a fantasy was probably the stupidest fake-outs ever made.


Thea Queen & Sara Lance – Arrow

It is no surprise that the concept of the Lazarus Pit will be used in the DC TV series. This was used to bring back the characters of Thea Queen and then later the character of Sara Lance.

Sherlock Holmes – Sherlock

Fake Deaths in Popular TV Shows

Over the years there have been various narratives over which we have seen Sherlock’s death being dealt with. It was fairly obvious that the character would be brought back but there was actually an interest in how he would be executed in the BBC show.


Brian – Family Guy

Fans were surprised to see that Brian was killed as he was one of the characters who had a strong fanbase. The series actually introduced a replacement for the character before bringing him back.

Dr. Sara Tancredi – Prison Break

The series managed to bring back Sara with a simple explanation that it wasn’t simply her who was beheaded.


Jake Ballard – Scandal

Actor Scott Foley actually kept the fans at bay by making tweets that hinted that he was leaving before the show finally brought him back.

Kevin Garvey – The Leftovers

It was not very surprising to see Justin Theroux’s character uncover himself from underneath his own grave right after his death in the series.


Thelonious Jaha – The 100

Fake Deaths in Popular TV Shows

After having a rather honorable death in the series, Isaiah Washington returned in Season 2 as he made another attempt at offing himself.

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