What was Thor doing during Captain America Civil War?

Marvel has always managed to have some bit of comedy, even somber events like Captain America: Civil War had found time to deliver the laughs at every opportunity. In a hilarious short film that premiered at Comic Con, a short mockumentary video, explaining what Thor was doing while everyone else was busy in-fighting in Captain America: Civil War.

The video from Ragnarok shows exactly how Thor spent this summers.

The footage was originally released for the crowds at San Diego Comic-Con, but it generated enough buzz that Marvel finally decided to release it for a wider audience.

In the video, Thor is leading a normal life in Australia with a guy named Daryl. It shows the hilarious side of the Thor, who seen stalking Darryl at a workplace, laughing with him, and it is really freaking hilarious. Darryl, who covers his walls with illegible diagrams trying to puzzle out the Infinity Stones.

Thor’s email to Tony Stark:

Subject: Greetings!

Dear Tony Stark,

How’s it going? I was just thinking fondly on some of the times we had.
Remember when you created a possessed robot who nearly destroyed
Hey – we saved planet!!!!!!!!!!

Steve AKA Captain America, were havi
It’s good to see Marvel carrying on the tradition of doing their best work on the margins. Captain America: Civil War gets a digital release on Sept. 2 before coming out on DVD and Blu-ray Sept. 13. Hey – we saved planet!!!!!!!!!!

Chris Hemsworth was missing because he was off making “Thor: Ragnarok,” an “intergalactic buddy road movie” slated for release in November 2017.

Referring to a picture of character Nick Fury, “What does he really know? And is Fury his real name, or is it actually pronounced ‘Furry?’”

Unfortunately, it doesn’t show the behind-the-scenes footage of Thor: Ragnarok.

Thor: Ragnarok will come out November 2017.

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