Marvel’s New Wolverine-Hulk Hybrid Will Blow Your Mind

Wolverine and Hulk fights have always been massive events in the comics but this Marvel’s new Wolverine-Hulk hybrid character will definitely blow your mind.

While the movie version of The Hulk and Wolverine are thriving, their comic book counterparts have been out of comic books for a few years. Both characters have suffered deaths that have yet to see a resurrection. Wolverine was killed in the aptly titled Death of Wolverine series and was replaced by X-23 while Bruce Banner aka The Hulk was killed by Hawkeye in Civil War II. Jennifer Walters aka She-Hulk became the only Hulk and took over the Hulk series.

wolverine-hulk hybrid

Their return has been long awaited by fans who still cannot get enough of the two popular characters. So when Marvel comics Editor-In-Chief Axel Alonso tweeted a teaser for an upcoming new character, he shook the Marvel fandom to the core (to say the least).

Alonso had uploaded a new character, mysterious but familiar. The image consisted of two scientists circling around a tube that have a Hulk like a figure with Wolverine’s claws.

wolverine-hulk hybrid

The test subject Batch H has been captioned  “Under Construction” by Alonso. This new teaser, amazing as it is, also raises a couple of questions. What does this new character mean for The Hulk and Wolverine? Is this a Frankenstein-like creation put together by the scientists? Is this a new experiment that has been made by Weapon X?

wolverine-hulk hybrid
wolverine-hulk hybrid

Comic book character has often been resurrected, and when it comes to both Hulk and Wolverine, both characters have seen resurrections more than other Marvel characters. If a hybrid character was created, it may be one memorable than anything Marvel has done.

The Hulk has been known to have super strength and the ability to grow larger the more pissed off he gets while Wolverine can regenerate faster than any character and has an unbreakable skeleton made of Marvel’s strongest metal. The combination of the two would make an unstoppable character that could turn out to be the strongest Marvel Universe has ever seen.

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