10 Reasons Why Dumbledore Was Not the Best Headmaster

Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore is the character we all think of when we hear the words Hogwarts headmaster. It would not be wrong if we say that if Dumbledore was not on Harry’s side, he would have been doomed. Still, there are things about Dumbledore that are shady and sometimes he wasn’t the best headmaster for Hogwarts.

Sending students to the forbidden forest as punishment:

Remember when Harry and friends along with Draco were sent to the forbidden forest with Hagrid as a form of punishment for being outside after hours? There is something seriously wrong with this form of punishment and Dumbledore allowed it. This shows his carelessness as the forest is extremely dangerous and sending first-year students there at night is a complete NO!

His inability to set better protection for the philosopher’s stone:

The fact that three 11-year-old students were able to get past all the obstacles and enchantments that were set up for the protection of the philosopher’s stone shows that Dumbledore either underestimated his students or was incapable of setting up better protection for the stone even with the help of all the teachers.

Keeping a three-headed giant dog in the school:

So Fluffy a three-headed giant dog was kept in the school with Dumbledore’s permission and nobody thought there was a flaw in this decision? Hermione could get past the door that separated Fluffy from the school with a simple ‘Alohomora’ and the trio was lucky to get out alive in time. Dumbledore seriously needs to be taught about the dangers of keeping monsters in a school.

He was partial towards Gryffindor:

Dumbledore may have been a good mentor but we can’t deny that there were moments when he showed some favoritism to Gryffindor house. Seeing how Snape was also partial towards Slytherin makes us think that maybe it is ok for Dumbledore to do it sometimes too but then again Dumbledore was the headmaster and therefore should be more neutral and unbiased.

His indifference towards Slytherins:

Remember the time when the troll entered the dungeons? Well, Dumbledore just ordered the Slytherin students to go back to the dungeons without thinking that they might get in danger. Also at the end of the first year, he first announced Slytherin house as the winner of the house cup and then gave some additional points to Gryffindor and made them win. We understand that Gryffindor deserved those points but why wait till the end and announce the other house as the winner first? That’s just harsh.

He supported Snape as a teacher:

We love Snape but cannot deny that he has his dark shades too. As a teacher, Snape was sometimes abusive to his students (especially Gryffindors) and he was too partial towards the Slytherin. There are many instances where he bullied Harry, Hermione, and Neville and gave unnecessary points to Slytherin house. Dumbledore never questioned his teaching methods and let him treat the student the way he wanted.

Trusting an 11-year-old with the invisibility cloak:

So Dumbledore passed on the invisibility cloak to Harry in his very first year without even explaining to him the dangers or the precautions he must take. He simply trusted a kid to make some good decisions and handed him one-third of the deathly hallows. He could have waited till Harry was a bit mature and sensible before handing him such a powerful magical object.

His controversial mentorship with Harry:

Dumbledore might have saved Harry many times and even helped him get through many obstacles while preparing him for the ultimate battle with the dark lord. However, some fans feel that Dumbledore’s concern was Harry was questionable as they feel that he only supported Harry because he wanted to keep him alive to meet his ultimate destiny like ‘raising a pig for slaughter’.

So you need a permission to go to Hogsmeade but not to enter a deadly tournament?

Another confusing thing about Dumbledore is his support for the Triwizard Tournament as it makes us wonder why Dumbledore didn’t make the students get written permissions to enter the tournament. Harry couldn’t go to Hogsmeade in his third year because he did not have a letter signed by his guardians and yet there was no such requirement to enter the tournament that had him fighting dragons.

His wrong judgment about the defense against the dark arts teachers:

Defence against the dark arts has been a controversial subject since the first book because this was the subject that got the weird teachers. So we had Quirrell, Lockhart, Barty Crouch Jr in disguise and then Umbridge. This just shows how Dumbledore is not the best judge of character and missed the mark multiple times. The only exception was the lovely Professor Lupin but unfortunately, Harry got very less time under his mentorship.

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