How Iron Man 2 Had Set Up Armor Wars on Disney+

Iron Man 2 might be a weaker MCU movie for many viewers, but it certainly had its moments. The final battle in particular was pretty amazing as we got to witness the badassery of two Iron Man armors at once. But, another reason for Iron Man 2’s greatness was with its future setups. Did you know that Iron Man 2 had set up Armor Wars as well?

It had several Easter Eggs relating to many heroes. Besides bringing in Black Widow, Captain America’s prototype shield was a part of the film. Mjolnir showed up at the very end. Before that, we got a couple of Easter Eggs for Wakanda and Atlantis. There was a possible Spider-Man set up as the kid that Iron Man saved has been headcanoned into being Peter Parker. But now it is apparent that there was yet another project which was set up by Iron Man 2. And this project was none other than the upcoming Disney+ series, Armor Wars.

The fact that Don Cheadle will lead the series as War Machine was perhaps the biggest setup in Iron Man 2. But, even the narrative of the show will sort of continue from the groundwork established in that film. The series is said to be based on the classic seven-issue Marvel comic series, written by David Michelinie and Bob Layton. But that story was centered on Iron Man. This one on the other hand will only take a strand from the Iron Man franchise. But it will have Rhodey deal with the ramifications of Tony’s doing.

Kevin Feige revealed that Tony Stark’s worst fears are going to come true as his tech will fall into the wrong hands. Now, whose wrong hands Feige was referring to remains to be a mystery. But we presume that one of the antagonists in this series could be none other than Justin Hammer. The last time we saw Hammer was in Marvel’s One-Shot film, All Hail The King. He was in the same prison as Trevor Slattery.

Recent rumors have suggested that Justin Hammer could become the tech guy for the Thunderbolts. Whether or not that will turn into a reality remains to be seen. But it will make the utmost sense for Justin Hammer to appear as one of the villains in the Armor Wars series. And we know this because we sort of heard it from Tony Stark himself. During the all-important senate hearing back in Iron Man 2, the politicians were making a worthy argument stating that other countries were trying to replicate Tony’s Iron Man tech. Tony replied by hacking into the images that the politicians showed. He said, “Yeah, I’d say most countries, five, ten years away. and Hammer Industries, twenty.

Well, Iron Man 2 came out in 2010, but it actually took place in 2011 according to MCU’s timeline. And by the time Armor Wars takes place, somewhere between 12-14 years will have passed. So, it seems that Thanos delayed the world’s progress in catching up to Tony’s Iron Man tech by 5 years. But in Armor Wars, the world will have caught up with Tony’s tech. His words will come true.

We’ll have an Ironheart. And even the likes of Justin Hammer will possibly have Iron Man-esque suits at his disposal. What’s more, is that the Ten Rings could tie in with the show after their return in Shang-Chi. AIM could make a comeback in the series, and the Power Broker could be the one enabling these organizations. But it’d be interesting to see which other Iron Man villains could show up in Armor Wars.

Marvel has the perfect opportunity to bring in villains like Titanium Man, the Beetle, and Stingray. Sadly, they mixed up Crimson Dynamo and Whiplash to create Mickey Rourke’s character. Or else, Crimson Dynamo would have also fit perfectly within Armor Wars. There are also theories for White Vision to go rogue and be the one to leak the mechanics of Tony’s tech to his opponents. That’s what could lead to the show. And with the kind of suit upgrades that Rhodey has got in the MCU, we reckon that Armor Wars will look much better than the final fight of Iron Man 2. So, we should be really excited about this series.

This is how Iron Man 2 had set up Armor Wars on Disney+. Are you looking forward to this show? Let us know in the comments.

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