The First Avengers Infinity War Clip Is Leaked

The filming of Avengers: Infinity War had just wrapped up and the cast and crew had gathered at the D23 Expo yesterday and it was insane. They showed the first Infinity War footage and people just went crazy over it. Here is the description of the footage that was shown.

Part 1

The Footage starts with a burnt Avengers tower and earth is in ruins. Then the Guardians are arriving somewhere on the Milano. Star-Lord says that they need to be careful and that everyone should wear their mean faces. A body slams against the front of the milano. It’s Thor! Mantis wakes him up. ‘Who the hell are you guys?’ he asks. “Death follows him like a shadow,” Mantis says of Thanos. Peter Parker has Spidey-Sense! He’s riding in a school bus as the hair on his arm stand up as the villains’ ship descends to Earth. Spidey has his new costume, the sleek one he rejected from Tony at the end of Homecoming.

Part 2

Gamora walking around in the Collector’s Lair where the aether from Thor: The Dark World is stored and she is shown crying. Loki offering up the Cosmic Cube. A massive ship crashing into a planet. Seems like the Avengers — including Iron Man, Star-Lord, and Spidey — are in another realm at one point. “This does put a smile on my face,” Thanos declares as he arrives on the planet and confronts the Avengers. Doctor Strange and Star-Lord all trying to fight him

Part 3

infinity war

Quick shots of the Winter Soldier and Black Panther in Wakanda. Cap shows up WITH A  BEARD. Iron Man has a new kind of Hulkbuster-type armor and possibly a different mach of armor. Thanos palming Thor’s head like he going to pop it like a balloon. Black Widow looks SUPER different, different hair. She’s blonde now. Looks like there are several different battles on different fronts. Thanos wielding the gauntlet, destroys a celestial body of some kind — it was so quick but it was either a planet or a moon — and HURLS IT AT THEM from on the ground. Is Tony Stark the last man standing? Is his premonition from Age of Ultron coming true? His face was ashen, he was shaken!!

So this was the insane description of the trailer shown yesterday. How do you feel about all the details that we have got from the trailer? Tell us in the comments.

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