15 Things Chris Pratt Did At The Gym To Become Star-Lord

Actors play so many roles in the movies and it’s not always important for an actor to undergo a major physical transformation. Here we have Chris Pratt, our very own Star-Lord who did an amazing job to get into the shape and justify his character. He ain’t Tom Hardy or Christian Bale but still he did push himself a lot.

Check out 15 Things Chris Pratt Did at the Gym to Become Star-Lord (After Andy Dwyer)

Worked Out Less (Hit the Right Spots)

He has raised a bar for himself by maintaining such an amazing physique. He says that he now works out just for an hour and only about four days a week to maintain what he has got.

Being Believable

Being a part of Marvel’s Universe, the movies may have sequels like most of them. The best thing about Chris Pratt is that he works really hard before he plays the character onscreen. He is absolutely ready when the camera rolls and he delivers his dialogues.

Had a Great Coach

Most of the successful people do give the credit to their coach. It can be anyone, from a trainer to a family member. The coach keeps you inspired and motivated towards your goal, and then you work as hard as you possibly can to achieve what you want.

Ate More Food

Contrary to what most of us believe to be in a good physique, Chris Pratt says eating more food was better to make him the way he is. He emphasized eating the right food in good amounts. He said that after increasing his diet, his body works like a machine and he removed the bad food that was making him fat.

Drink Tons of Water

Water is actually the best fluid for our body because it doesn’t contain any sugar or calories and it naturally flushes out our system of toxins and makes us easy going. Drinking a lot of water is what every nutritionist will say because it’s actually important, but it’s not an easy task. Chris admits that he found it difficult to drink loads of water, but then got accustomed to it, thinking it was a necessary evil.

Kickboxing (3-4 hours a day)

This is a very nice cardio exercise that increases the capacity of the heart and its efficiency. The martial art is utilized by Chris, and it improved his circulatory system, his joints and stuff. It is present in a lot of workout programs meant for actors and athletes.

Running (While Listening To A Lot Of Books On Tape)

Running is the best exercise we all can do every day. Chris had to lose 30-35 pounds of weight and for that he did run 5 miles every day. The running with a significant weight on the back was very hard initially for Chris because of not having enough food to fuel for this much of running, and then he got accustomed to it.

Staying Committed (And Being Offered A LOT To Do So)

Everyone who’s been in it will tell you one thing that the hardest part of getting fit is to stick to the idea of being fit. Anything becomes a routine if you do it enough times, but the first month is usually the toughest but after that, the body understands the changes and then adapts to how it goes on.

Lots And Lots Of Swimming

If there is actually one exercise that is the best then that is swimming. It is an excellent cardio workout and puts very less strain on the bones. Chris involved himself a lot in the swimming practices to make us see him the way he is today.


Triathlon is a combination of running, cycling, and swimming altogether. The sport is very taxing and it’s something Chris wouldn’t have done but he took Mike as an inspiration, a man who was shot twenty-seven times and still did Triathlon.

3-4 Hours Per Day Of Hard Work (300 Pounds To…)

Well obviously he doesn’t do work out 3-4 hours daily now, but that’s because he doesn’t have to. He did it all to get in shape and now he has to maintain it. He, in order to get in shape, had to work out daily for about 3-4 hours to shed weight in the healthiest way possible.


For anyone who needs to have a ripped body, weight training has to be on his to-do list because it’s a necessity for the fulfillment of desire to have such body. Chris had in his routine a different exercise relates to weightlifting every day and he worked on them according to the week. And see how hot he is now.

The Well Known P90X Program

P90X is a program to get one into shape in just 90 days but it’s very difficult and it’s hard to stick to it for 90 days. The trainers did apply this routine to that of Pratt and we can see the results. He stuck to it for 90 days and now is among the hottest male actors in the industry.

No “Partying”

When Pratt had to gain weight, he ate everything that he saw in front of him and drank the darkest beer, but then he had to lose weight for the roles, he said no to partying and especially beer and switched to good food and water.

Personal Trainer and a Nutritionist

This is something most of us can’t do to keep ourselves fit but when you’re a famous actor like Chris Pratt, you got to have everything tip-top from top to bottom and hiring a personal trainer and nutritionist becomes essential to know exactly what you should have and need.

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