Wonder Woman Vs Supergirl – Here’s Why Supergirl Would Annihilate The Amazon Princess

We only got a teeny tiny glimpse towards the brawl of the Kryptonian and the Amazon Goddess of Earth on the big screen when Superman fought the rest of the league in Justice League. But Wonder Woman has not achieved her full strength on the big screen till now, and she will have to up her game when she comes against an even stronger Kryptonian in the name of Kara Zor-El aka Supergirl. Wonder Woman Vs Supergirl- So, just imagine if Supergirl in on the big screen, and the first opponent she takes down is DC’s current big gun, Wonder Woman. Let’s analyze their powers and find out if Wonder Woman has a fighting chance or not.

Wonder Woman

Diana Prince is an actually Goddess as she is the daughter of the almighty Zeus, the God of Thunder. She trained her entire life among the fiercest warriors on this planet, so even without any powers, Diana is unbeatable in hand to hand and weapons combat. She is the God Killer whose sole purpose was to take down the God of War and restore peace and harmony on the planet.

The powers granted to her by the Gods include Superhuman strength, speed, durability, reflexes, accelerated healing factor, flight, and immortality. She has been granted with magical items to use in combat which include her Lasso of Truth which not only does come real handy in combat but it also makes any person reveal the truth when wrapped around them. Other than the Lasso, she uses a magical sword, shield, and Tiara which can all be used as lethal projectiles in combat and are great tools to defend an attack as well. She also has indestructible magical bracelets which not only help in defending incoming attacks but also produce massively powerful surges when joined together.

She has various other abilities that make her a true goddess, and even powerful than the likes of Superman at times. These abilities include being a natural leader and have a telepathic sway over any army of soldiers she leads, being able to speak 100s of languages, animal empathy, invulnerability to electricity up to an extent, invulnerability to magic. Moreover, when she removes her bracelets, she unlocks the unlimited amount of power that is beyond the control of anyone, so if the need arises and she is being pinned down regularly, removing her bracelets will actually be devastating for any opponent that stands in her way.


The last survivor of Krypton after her cousin Kal-El was Kara Zor-El. She was sent to earth as the protector of Kal-El, but her pod got knocked off course, so she arrived later on Earth, till the time Kal had already dwelled and become Superman. Her alter ego on Earth is Kara Danvers and just like her cousin, she is a reporter Journalist at CatCo in National City.

Being a Kryptonian, under the yellow sun she possesses Super-Strength, Super-Speed and agility, heat vision, freeze breath, X-ray vision and the ability to fly at speeds much faster than a speeding bullet. She is actually the fastest Kryptonian alive as she is much faster and even stronger than Kal El if her full strength is achieved. Having lived on Krypton for a while too, she has a range of abilities much wider than Superman himself even though she does share the same weaknesses against Kryptonite and magic.

One thing people don’t know about her is that she also joined the Red-Lantern Corps and became a Red Lantern herself. So, just imagine a being as strong as her having an upgraded power level with the Red Power Ring. Moreover, the Red Ring of Rage unlocks even more powers for her as she gets the acid spit, ability to create wormholes and anything she wants with the ring. Her power gets a boost with the rage of the Red-Lantern.

Other, than that, she has been able to turn her freeze breath into sonic screams at times. In the comics at times, she has shown Pyrokinesis, Telekinesis, invisibility, and has telepathic invulnerability. If she unlocks every bit of her strength, she will be much powerful than Superman and totally unbeatable by anyone.

Wonder Woman Vs Supergirl

Wonder Woman Vs Supergirl
Wonder Woman Vs Supergirl

This is a fight that will actually last really long as both the individuals involved in the brawl cannot be taken down just like that. Wonder Woman may actually have the upper hand against Kara because of the range of her powers, and the 100s of years of experience she has in combat. But as the fight goes longer and longer, it would actually be more advantageous for Supergirl as she will get used to everything Diana has to put against her.

Wonder Woman Vs Supergirl
Wonder Woman Vs Supergirl

Things may go out of hand for Kara if Wonder Woman removes her bracelets and loses control over herself using every bit of power she possesses all at once. But Kara may actually have something even better to counter that omnipotence. Rage is a real good motivator at times like this, and her powers combined with the Red Lantern’s powers just become unbeatable and too much to bear even for the likes of Diana. So in the longer run, Supergirl would literally annihilate Wonder Woman or anyone who stands in her way for that matter.        

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