Super Girl: Major Character Dons Iconic Super Suit From The Comic Books

The Super Girl we know and love is about to enter an exciting new phase. With Worldkillers running amok and the threat of complete and global annihilation now looking plausibly real, the hands of Super Girl aka Kara Danvers looks full at the moment. Reign had already broken her pride. Although she did defeat Reign later with the aid of the Legion of Superheroes, new set images had already revealed that there was a second Worldkiller among the Earth’s population, hiding in plain sight. And now it looks like Super Girl’s already full plate is about to spill.

A major character from the show is about to bring Super Girl’s National City a world of pain.

Spoiler Alert: The following paragraphs contain major spoilers for the latest Super Girl Season 3 Episode – ‘For Good’. If you don’t want to ruin the suspense, we suggest you look away….

Lena Luthor is about to get a serious upgrade to her fighting and combat abilities. Lena is about to don the iconic Luthor Warsuit featured in the comic books and adored amongst the fans.

Lena’s villainous mother returns to National City with a grudge. When Lena finds out that there is no way to be diplomatic about it, she decides to go full on Loco. Lena dons the popular Luthor Warsuit to end her Mother’s crusade once and for all. Case in point – this is the same Warsuit that was teased way back in Super Girl season 2.

‘For Good’ finally made Morgan Edge and Lena Luthor into enemies. Morgan Edge and Lena were never on speaking terms already. The episode kicked off with Edge driving a car as someone remotely takes control of his own vehicle. The car plunges straight into the harbor but Edge escapes narrowly. He then blames Lena for the attempted murder on his life. Lena is innocent and she pleads as such. But to no avail. Edge is angry and is looking for retribution.

Edge then poisons Lena’s coffee. Lena could have died then and there only if it weren’t for Super Girl and her Super Speed that helped save her lie. As James tries to track down her would be assassin, he succeeds. But only to be shot by a dissolving bullet later, thus erasing all evidence.

Once Lena recovers fully, she decides to find out the person behind everything that’s going on. The bullet with which James was shot was her only clue. She deduces that it belongs to an offshoot of Lex Corp. It is there that Lena encounters Lillian, Lena and Lex Luthor’s mother. Lillian wanted to hurt Morgan Edge and kill him for him trying to hurt his daughter. Lena tries to talk her out of this but Lillian’s will is iron clad. Before leaving she notices a drone and realizes her mother’s plan on how to kill Edge.

While Edge is attending his own Gala, an army of lethal drones attack him. Lena heads there and proposes to save Edge on one condition: Edge confesses to everything. Under a flurry of Drone attacks, Edge confesses and Lena is successfully able to extract the truth about everything from him. Lena then removes Edge’s badge, which was how the Drones were targeting him.

Lillian then encounters Lena and expresses her disappointment to her for Lena’s inherent emotional weakness. Lillian dons the Luthor Warsuit aka the Lexosuit from the comic books and fights Super Girl who arrives on time to end the confrontation. Super Girl is able to dispatch Lillian and her Kryptonite laced Super suit with some help from Mon-El.

Super Girl

This is not the first time the Lexosuit has been seen in Super Girl. In Season 2, Lena Luthor reveals to the audience a treasure trove of super weapons that were stored in a secure L Corp Vault, among which also laid the famed Luthor War Suit. The same suit that has helped Luthor go toe to toe with the Man of Steel in the comic books is now a staple of the Super Girl TV Show. What a time to be alive!!!

Super Girl Season 3 Airs on Monday nights on The CW on 8 P.M E.T/P.T starring Melissa Benoist as the titular Girl of Tomorrow.

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