The Flash Season 4 Casts Famous TV Actor In A Villainous Role

The Flash TV series has always had a thing for guest appearances. After the phenomenal Season 1 and Season 2 of The Flash, the ratings were pummeling down and there seemed to be no way of getting them up. Only after the showrunners realized they do not need to have a cool plot or a better villain than the last one but a shitload of CGI and guest appearances with a sprinkle of Easter eggs here and there did the show finally get back on its tracks. The Flash may be hated for the abomination it has turned into from being one of the best shows of its time, but its ratings never seem to die down. And they just found another way to make their already massive TRP viewership skyrocket yet again.

The Flash has done it again. It has roped in one of the most popular actors from a massively well known and followed TV series for playing the part of a villain in one of its upcoming episodes.

The Villains have always been The Flash’s strong suit. Reverse Flash and Zoom are the greatest contributions of the Flash to the larger Arrowverse. Savitar may not have hit the mark but he still managed to win many hearts. The Thinker is too early to be judged. It is only mid-season but we still have high hopes for Clifford Devoe. The Villains, as we said, were always the Flash’s strongest suit.

Take for Example Wentworth Miller’s Captain Cold character. There is absolutely no way to hate this guy. Starting from the popular series Prison Break, Miller has made another name for himself in The Flash TV Show. His co-star from Prison Break also plays a role in the show – Heatwave. Both the guys are partners in Prison Break as well as in The Flash (as Heatwave and Citizen Cold).

So it must not take anyone by surprise when we say another major TV star is getting ready for a (guest) appearance for The Flash Season 4. Do you want to know the name of the actor who is about to jump your horses in The Flash’s upcoming episode?

Max Adler of the popular musical drama TV Series Glee is about to go down the dark path for The Flash. He will play a pyromaniac villain in Flash Season 4. The character Adler is set to play is called Jason Birch, a popular Flash Rogue’s Gallery member.

As hard as it is to believe, the actor exchange program between Glee and the Arrowverse goes way, way back. Grant Gustin, who plays the titular character in The Flash, used to be a ‘Gleek’ himself. Melissa Benoist, our very own Super Girl, was also an actor who starred in Glee. Blake Jenner (known for Ryder Lynn in Glee) played Cat Grant’s Son, Adam Foster in The Flash. Super Girl’s First season featured Peter Facinelli as Maxwell Lord. Facinelli also played Rupert Campion on Glee. Felicity’s Mother, Donna, played by Charlotte Ross also played Judy Fabray on Glee. Darren Criss played Music Meister in The Flash as well as Blaine Anderson in Glee opposite Max Adler’s character Dave Karofsky.

Flash TV News was the first to officiate this announcement in their website. Adler later confirmed this news on his twitter account. He will play a villain called Pyro – a heavy metal loving fire manipulating metahuman described as an obsessive music fanatic who worships at the altar of classic heavy metal.

Adler’s twitter handle read this after the announcement:



It is worth mentioning that the Marvel Mutant villain Pyro has no connections to the DC Pyro. Jason Birch only made a minor appearance in one of the Power Girl comic book issues. He was a villain given metahuman powers by the Weaver to make Power Girl’s life miserable. Pyro is far less famous but far too powerful compared to the Marvel comics’ Pyro. Unlike the latter, the former can’t just manipulate fire but create them on a whim as well.

How will the Barry deal with Pyro when his own world is in such utter disarray?!?! Will the Elongated Man and the rest of Team Flash be enough to stop Pyro? Will Max Adler do justice to this role? Will the show make him sing and dance as well?? Find out in the next episode of the Flash.

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