5 Fire Powered Superheroes From Marvel and DC Universes

There are a lot of cool superheroes in the comics, and sure there are me hot ones too. Some have heat or fire as their main power. Here is a list of some superheroes that have fire as one of their superpowers:


Firestar is one of the few superheroes that first came into the television series, ‘Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends’ and later came into the comics. She became a really popular character who then also became an Avenger. The character later was diagnosed with cancer but was then soon cured. Though she always will be at a risk of it relapsing.

Phoenix Force

This one here is actually not a character but a force, Phoenix Force is actually a pretty famous force in the Marvel universe. But is more famous for being san agent of destruction. Most notably in the Dark Phoenix Saga. Not just that, the Phoenix Force has also done good, when with Hope Summers it helped to restore the timeline back to normal.


Firestorm has got a real good PR thanks to the Arrowverse show, DC Legends of Tomorrow. Firestorm is a real powerful superhero, gaining power when Doctor Martin Stien fuses with Ronnie Raymond and the two come together to be Firestorm.

Jim Hammond

Hammond is one of the Golden Age’s most famous heroes. He has been there fighting alongside Captain America and has also shared some pages with Namor the Submarines. It is sad to see that even being such a long character he has never received any special recognition.

Johnny Storm


Of course, you knew it was Johnny who was going to be on the number one spot on this list. The dude is actually ‘hot’./ Hot-headed as he may be, chicks dig the guy. And not just that he is also loved by his fans. Waiting actually for a good Fantastic 4 film to do justice to the character, we can just leave by saying, “Flame On”

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