Avengers: Secret Wars Could Feature A Team of Captain Americas and Thors

The MCU gave us a road map till Phase 6, and it all ends with Avengers: Secret Wars. This crossover event will bring the Multiverse Saga to an end. And this film could beat Avengers: Endgame in terms of scale and the number of characters that will appear. So we believe this film could feature a team of Captain Americas and Thors team.

Endgame had a whole army of heroes, including several random soldiers from Wakanda, the ravagers, the sorcerers, and New Asgardians. But this time, these random soldiers could be replaced by heroes and villains. If you have a slight idea about Secret Wars, then you would be aware that this storyline includes a place called the Battleworld!


This is where most of the multiverse came to an end because of Incursions, and the last surviving place left was the Battleworld which comprised different factions of the entire multiverse. It had variants of several heroes and villains residing in different parts of the battleworld. So, we could see different Captain Americas and Thors form their own squad.


Sam Wilson has already turned into the new Captain America, while Steve Rogers is expected to return sooner or later. Meanwhile, two different Earths of MCU’s multiverse have also introduced Captain Carter. Even though she is dead on Earth-838, we could always see another variant of her pop up from a different Earth. And just imagine a team Cap that includes Sam Wilson, Steve, Peggy, Bucky, and maybe a US Agent. That would be a crazy line up don’t you think?


Team of Captain Americas and Thors

I’d love a similar team-up of Thors, including Thor Odinson, Jane Foster, and Beta Ray Bill as well. Jane Foster could be brought back from Valhalla or another Earth. Ragnarok proved that Beta Ray Bill also exists in the MCU. So he could unite with Thor. Or we could see a Beta Ray Bill from the Multiverse itself. But maybe, this team of Thors is a bit of a stretch. The team of Captain America seems much likelier.


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