8 Reasons Why Everyone Must Watch White Collar

First of its kind:

Among the countless dramas released every year, “White Collar” is completely unique.  A convict used by FBI to prevent a crime/ or catch the criminals is actually a good idea: “To con a con man.”

Matt Bomer:

Be it a girl, be it a boy, every white collar fan can’t help but love Matt Bomer a.k.a. Neal Caffrey. In fact, Matt Bomer is the magnet that keeps us  glued to the TV, episode after episode. From his impeccable dressing style to his obsession with hats, from his million dollar smile (the one he gives when he has done something wrong) to his effortless cons..all in all; Matt Bomer is just amazing.

Quotes by Mozzie:

Ah! Mozzie..In the first few episodes, we might have thought  that he is just another character in the sideline, but little did we know his indispensable role in many an episode. The best thing about him: timely quotes just for the situation. We find ourselves wondering, on my many years on earth, why didn’t I come across such fantastic quotes? Are you the type of person who uses quotes to shut others up? Then Mozzie is your guy.

Dual Storyline:

Each episode has a story of its own related to a crime. Apart from that, there is  parallel storyline about Neal Caffrey’s (Matt Bomer) personal life. The cliffhangers of the personal life storyline, in each episode is so big that you want jump off something rather than wait for the next episode. Now that the series is complete, you need go to that excruciating waiting time..whenever feel like it, off you go to the next episode.


To lie without lying. To escaping without even being marked as suspect. Neal is just a master of these. In many situations where we think he is a goner, he manges to ease his way out, that too with style. The highlight is, he does these without uttering a single lie to Peter Burke( his handler).He just tells half the things which happened and makes them believe what he wants them to believe. Dare trying this with your parents and end up getting an earful?

Smart crimes:

Though every episode contains a con or crime, its never repetitive and boring. Its the opposite. Some cons or acts are so mind blowing that you are surprised such things can be done. Diamond heist is one of the best.

Love for art:

Neal and Mozzie’s passion and love for art, makes us also want to know more about art. The show covers all kinds of arts ranging from paintings to sculptures to rare books. Neal is so good in making exact replicas, that we wonder why doesn’t he become an actual artist and make millions. But it was never about the money was it?

“ Its always about the challenge”

Killer climax:

SPOILER ALERT! The climax is one to die for. Its so emotional, and hey! Did you just see Mozzie cry? Yup, you did. But don’t worry, if its not a happy ending then its not an ending after all.

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