6 Mind-Boggling Things About The Hulk In Avengers Infinity War

The Hulk is the strongest member of The Avengers and has had the most number of ups and downs in his Story that has been featured within the MCU. He is now going to appear in Thor: Ragnarok and after that will be featured in the huge upcoming event of 2018, Avengers: Infinity War. Here is a list of compelling theories and facts about Hulk’s presence in Infinity War:

He is bigger and angrier


As we saw Hulk in the latest Ragnarok trailer, he has become a champion at the Grandmaster’s fighting pit on the planet Sakaar. This means he has beaten many gladiators over the time and is now much more powerful and experienced. We saw him take on Thor and looks pretty huge compared to when we saw him last. At the end of the trailer, we see him going fists up at the God of Fire, Surtur. So, he has probably become even stronger and angrier to the pill of something like this. Looks like Thanos is going to get a tough match-up.

He is in control and not Banner


At comic-con it was revealed that Hulk has not changed back into Banner ever since Age of Ultron and has been in Hulk form for the last two years. In the trailer we see Banner having n memory of what has happened and where he is and how he reached Sakaar. So, this might mean that Hulk is now in full control of Banner.

We are going to see more ‘Banner-off’


In Age of Ultron, we saw Natasha Romanoff and Bruce Banner becoming a little romantic towards each other and then he leaves earth at the end of the movie. Well, after the events of Thor Ragnarok, Hulk is going to return to earth and is going to face Nat again and we might get to see more of their relationship.

Hulk Talks

In the Ragnarok trailer shown at comic con, we saw Hulk literally talking to Thor and he was in total control of himself. Then the panel revealed that the green guy has not changed into Banner ever since Age of Ultron and has been in Hulk form for the last two years, in the meantime, he developed a vocabulary of a toddler. So, we will surely see more of this in Infinity War and it may come as a surprise to the other Avengers, especially Black Widow.

He will meet General Ross Again

Hulk has not yet had another encounter with General Ross since the events of ‘The Incredible Hulk’. We saw Ross making his return to the MCU in ‘Captain America: Civil War’ and Hulk is going to return to earth in Infinity War, so he might possibly clash with General Ross and who knows, we might even see him take on the Red Hulk.

He Will Die

hulk avengers 

Mark Ruffalo has now said it so many time that a Hulk solo movie will never happen in the MCU because of the character right issue as it is owned by Universal Studios. But, another reason for this may be because we might see the death of our favorite Green Rage Monster during the events of Infinity War or maybe Avengers 4. It has been revealed that there is going to be plenty of death in the War against Thanos and the Black Order. Well, Hulk seems to be one of those Avenger casualties as after Phase 3, the Marvel Cinematic Universe will be explored with the new characters like Black Panther, Doctor Strange, Spider-Man and Captain Marvel. So, it seems highly unlikely that Hulk survives post-Infinity War of Avengers 4.

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