DC Fans Are Outraged by Rotten Tomatoes Score For Black Panther

Black Panther is just half a month away from its release and people cannot possibly wait for these two weeks to pass by as the general consensus of the movie is already in and people are loving the movie, those lucky ones who got to see the screening on its premiere. People are calling the movie to be really bold and creative, and are really surprised to see what Ryan Coogler and the team have done with the movie.

Wakanda is way beyond what people could imagine and the thing that makes people happy is the African culture that has been personified in the movie. It is being called a great spectacle and is supposed to be a major hit at the box office as well. It is said to be a movie with a more serious tone along with the jolly heart of the movie being maintained side by side. The biggest factor that is going to be great about the movie is the villain. Michael B Jordan’s Erik Killmonger aka Golden Jaguar is said to be one of the best MCU villains and this movie certainly is being called one of the top 5 MCU movies and easily one of the best comic book movies ever made.

The hype for this movie is insane, but still, a really disappointing news is currently floating around the internet. An angry group of DC fans that is mostly jealous of the success this movie will supposedly get, is planning to sabotage Black Panther’s Rotten Tomatoes audience score in an effort to harm the total success of the movie. Last year DC found its major success with the movie that the entire world was waiting to see happen on the big screen. Wonder Woman’s first solo outing took the world by a storm and had a great impact on women all around the world.

Justice League, on the other hand, was also one of the most anticipated movies but failed to make a major impact on the box office even after being a step in the right direction. Marvel, on the other hand, was successful with all three movies that they managed to release in the previous year. In fact, all three of those managed to go past Wonder Woman at the box office as well.

Now Marvel is coming up with an amazing movie with an all Black cast with an effort to have a great impact on the African-American population as the movie does portray the heritage and culture of Africa in the greatest way possible. Even though the movie is being highly praised and has a real hype around it, its sad to know that people are trying to diminish the success of this amazing movie as these people are not happy with the success that Marvel is having.

The idea of this mass angry group of DC fans on the internet is to diminish the success of the movie in any way possible and deemed necessary by them. The fact that they are trying to do it to Black Panther is even more hideous. This movie should be celebrated as it highlights the diversity and the people of color and people should take pride in it.


‘Marvelous Realm’ posted a very disappointing post made by this on Facebook. This group consists of 2000 people who claim to not only avoid the movie and bring the Rotten Tomatoes audience score down, but they are also saying that they will be posting all the spoilers of the movie online in order to spoil the fun of other people planning to watch the movie. This according to them is their “Strike Back” against the unfair treatment that DC movies have got in the past year or so.

Creating a divide between the Marvel and DC fans even further, they claim to be the ones that did the same thing with Star Wars: The Last Jedi as well, and promise to do so with the future Marvel movies also.

Well, this is utter nonsense and people should not follow this path of hatred at all. The competition between the two comic book franchises should be taken in a healthy direction so that both these Superhero factions can co-exist and make us all happy.

Black Panther

Black Panther is going to hit the theatres on February 16. The movie was already tracking for a huge opening weekend earning, with the old estimate to be $120 Million, and now the ticket sales are being tracked as the highest in number surpassing even Batman V Superman. Do go for the movie, otherwise, you will be missing out on a great experience.

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