5 Comic Book Characters Who Were Killed Off To Please the Fans

With regards to the comic book, passing isn’t generally treated with the regard it merits. For each important misfortune in funnies, there are four or five passings that are composed simply to create deals. Possibly it’s an excessively frightful demise, perhaps it’s a crazy plot bend, possibly the entire thing is rendered disputable by eternality or revivals. Regardless, comic book has gotten to be notorious for half-baked passings in the course of recent decades.

1) Most of the Ultimate Universe


The total of the story bases on individuals biting the dust. Magneto makes a huge tsunami by switching the Earth’s attractive posts, executing a huge number of blameless individuals and saints alike. From that point, the story decays into various diverse strings, all of which end with an adored legend as well as scalawag meeting a frightful end.

The Wasp is eaten alive. Specialist Strange is choked and executed with his own cape. Wolverine is deteriorated. Magneto has his take passed over. Cyclops is shot in the head. Educator X has his neck broken. It’s not simply vicious, it’s out and out horrifying. What’s more regrettable is that, by and large, these passings did little to advance the plot or leave any effect on the more prominent Ultimate universe.

2) Alexandra DeWitt


A while ago when Kyle Raynor was the Green Lantern, Alexandra DeWitt was both his better half and educator. At the point when Raynor uncovered that he had gotten one of the green Power Rings, she offered to help him prepare and figure out how to control his new capacities. They had separated once some time recently, beyond any doubt, yet it truly appeared as though their relationship could have been something unique.

At any rate, it could have been, had the scholars not chose to kill Alexandra off under eight months after her introduction. That, as well as she was choked and unceremoniously stuffed into a fridge.

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