5 Comic Book Characters Who Were Killed Off To Please the Fans

3) Superman


In 1993, the possibility of Superman really passing on was inconceivable. This was a saint that, much more-so than a character named after his nation, epitomized the very embodiment of what it intended to be American. Superman was the great person, and, up until that point, the great person had dependably beaten the competition.

4) Professor X


The writers over at Marvel didn’t stop with Professor X’s passing. Once the clean had settled, a clone of the Red Skull stole Charles’ remaining parts, hauled his mind out, and some way or other increased psychic forces. The picture of the Red Skull grasping the wicked cerebrum of Charles Xavier sullies the lamentable way of the Professor’s passing, and like a considerable lot of the sections on this rundown puts on a show of being a shabby stun strategy. In any event, the Red Skull’s new capacities prompted to some intriguing stories, yet tainting the cadaver of such a darling character feels like the wrong approach to make an old reprobate fascinating once more.

5) The Hulk

5 comic book characters

After Amadeus Cho emptied the gamma vitality out of the Hulk’s body, Bruce Banner retreated to being a normal individual. In any case, after Ms. Wonder discovered that Bruce was exploring approaches to re-Hulk himself, Hawkeye shot him dead with a bolt to the mind. It was a ruthless approach to slaughter off one of Marvel’s longest-standing legends — and it could have been a compelling approach to indicate exactly how horrendous and determined Ms. Wonder’s side of the Civil War strife could be.0

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