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10 Marvel Comic Stories Featuring Mulitversal Wars

The Marvel multiverse has now expanded into the movie realm. With the help of Iron Man and Kevin Feige’s ingenuity Marvel comics have become a household name. The next big event in the MCU is going to be the Multiversal War which will open the door to unlimited possibilities. Such is the world of comics and Superheroes. We are about to see an unprecedented comic adaptation on the silver screen. In the spirit of Multiversal War, we have collected 10 Marvel comic stories featuring mulitversal wars:


During a recent comic event, Doctor Doom took the powers of Beyonder. He then reshaped the entire multiverse in his image. The good doctor combined different worlds with different timelines. He brought all of the universes together and condensed it into a pocket reality where the heroes fought for survival. To Doctor Doom death was meaningless, and the battle was the only true test of might. He created a world of carnage and ruled it with an iron fist. With the culmination of Fox and Disney, it is entirely possible that we get to see a Multiversal War with this amount of carnage.

A DC Crossover

Another idea for a Multiversal War comes directly from an actual crossover event. Back in the golden days of comics DC and Marvel collaborated to organize a Multiversal War. A tête a tête between the Justice League of America and The Avengers. Consequentially, the fans were overly hyped. They wanted an epic battle and they got an epic battle with some super power-ups. Wonder Woman even wielded Mjolnir for a hot second but let it go because she wanted to be fair. A crossover between the MCU and the DCEU is sure to impress on a similar scale.

Thanos Infinity Conflict

Comic Stories Featuring Mulitversal Wars

During The Infinity Conflict event, we saw Thanos take over the powers of a being that could shape reality. He fused with Thanos’ consciousness and created a being of exceptional Malice. Thanos got so powerful that he defeated all the heroes without much effort. To defeat him, all the might of Avengers was combined with a past version of Thanos and many other multiversal beings. A finale with this kind of scale just might be the way where the MCU is heading as well.

Lego Marvel Superheroes 2

This is the only exception on our list. Lego Marvel Superheroes 2 was a game with a very intriguing Multiversal war. Kang the conqueror decided to take different parts of the timeline and mashed them together into a beautiful collage. He wanted to make his perfect Chronopolis. This gave the creators a chance to showcase a wide variety of characters and play with different time periods. Something like this can also happen in the MCU.

Eternity War

This is one of the more obscure comic storylines on our list. Before the multiverse, there was The First Universe. The First Universe came to an end and was eventually disintegrated. The parts that remained culminated together into The First Firmament. The First Firmament was angered by being forgotten so they decided to destroy the current multiverse. This is a God-level threat that could easily play into the narrative of The Eternals.

Secret Wars

This is a classic storyline of the Marvel multiverse. Marvel Comics has used the trope of a Battleworld to include all kinds of versions of their Superheroes. It is an idea they employ often. The latest version of Secret Wars in the comics has featured the multiverse, so it is possible that the storyline might leak over into the MCU.

Destiny War

Comic Stories Featuring Mulitversal Wars

This is another story from the comics featuring Kang. In the comic event of Destiny War, this version of Kang was called Immortus. Immortus was charged by the Timekeepers to stop Humanity from evolving. More specifically his task was to stop them from inventing large distance space travel. The struggle between Humanity and Immortus soon sparked the Destiny War.


We saw the introduction of SpiderVerse with Sony’s movie Into The Spiderverse. The movie showcased a handful of different versions of Spidermen but the original comic storyline was much more expansive. The comics also introduced a new brand of villains. One that was Multiversal vampires seeking our Spider-People and sucking them dry. The comic event was wonderful and we can only hope that it makes it into the MCU someday.

Kang Dynasty

This is the third entry on our list with Kang at the front and center. Feels like this is going to be a trend. Anyhow, The Kang Dynasty storyline involved Kang and his son using 31st Century technology to create a timeline which they could rule with an iron hand. The Avengers stopped the villain before he could succeed but if he did he would have conquered everything. After the season finale of Loki, this could be an interesting storyline for the MCU.

Age of Ultron

Although we have already seen a movie titled Avengers: Age of Ultron,  it did not live up to the original comic storyline. The original story revolved around a world that had already been conquered by Ultron. The Avengers were fighting a losing battle. It was The Wolverine and Sue Richards that traveled back in time to fix the universe and save everyone. Along the way, they messed up more than once and ended up skipping between a few timelines. A true Age of Ultron adaptation will do MCU a world of good.

Which of these Comic Stories Featuring Mulitversal Wars do you think should be adapted in the MCU? Let us know in the comments.

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