MCU: 10 Things Loki Can Do But Thor Is Not Capable Of

Loki, the God of Mischief, could be the most loved villain of all times. Tom Hiddleston has played the role to perfection and has been a concrete part of the MCU for a decade now. Loki Laufeyson is Thor’s adopted brother. His main problem has been the fact that Thor always overshadowed him. But there are a lot of things that the God of Thunder cannot do that the God of Mischief excels at. So let’s talk about 10 things Loki can do but Thor can’t:

1. Travel Timelines

Loki is going to have a lot of fun in the second season of Loki. It’s predicted that the follow-up season will come before Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Nobody in the MCU apart from Loki is aware that the TVA exists as of now. Now that the multiverse has been unleashed, Loki will definitely find himself hopping timelines in search of a solution. It’s even possible that the God of Mischief might recruit Thor.

2. Enchantment

Loki established that the God of Mischief has a new power. Although it came with some help, the God of Mischief is now capable of enchanting. Sylvie helped Laufeson to tap into his new power while they were trying to enchant Alioth. With the help of Sylvie, the Trickster displayed his newly found power as they both enchanted the giant cloud monster.

3. Illusion Projection

Illusion projection is basically creating an image so believable that nobody can figure it apart. The Asgardian devil must have learned this from Frigga. She created a highly believable projection of Jane Foster. So it seems like every Loki variant has this ability. But Classic Loki tops the list as of now because of his illusion of Asgard. What a badass moment in the series!

4. Telekinesis

Loki’s telekinetic powers were first shown during Thor: The Dark World shortly after Frigga was killed. But in the Disney+ series, he showed some advancements in his telekinetic power. On Lamentis-1, Loki legit pushed back a falling tower with his powers. Of course, Mjolnir and Stormbreaker are immune to this. But on the other hand, Thor cannot do this.

5. Magic & Shapeshifting

The MCU has made it more than clear that Loki is a master at shapeshifting. In fact, the Disney+ series started with the God of Mischief as Captain America. Thor even shared a story where Loki once turned himself into a snake before stabbing him. Thor was never taught because he inherited his father’s incredible strength. As a result, Loki got it all.

6. Rightfully Rule Jotunheim

We have all wanted to see Loki rule at least once. It was told earlier only that he was adopted by Odin when he took Loki from Jotunheim. His actual father is dead, so the place was actually his to rule, and that too practically. It was Loki’s birthright which he got denied. That is why he acts the way he does because the guy just wants to rule, man!

7. Turn His Skin Blue, Naturally

The God of Mischief was actually born with blue skin, courtesy of his Jotun heritage. When he was picked by Odin, his skin immediately turned to the color of Odin’s skin. His skin only turns blue when he is touched by a Frost Giant on Jotunheim. So this is something that Thor cannot have. And I guess this is something that Thor wouldn’t want.

8. Silver Tongue

Loki was born with a silver tongue. In my opinion, this is where Loki has always bested Thor. Even though the God of Thunder could be diplomatic as well, he’s known for his innocence and brute strength in the MCU. On the other hand, the Trickster is known for his linguistic skills in Asgard and has perfect zingers. So if you find yourself in a conversation with Loki, just accept that he will win.

9. Has Discovered Hidden Passageways

Loki is indeed a very curious being. He has found many hidden passageways that interconnect the Nine Realms and beyond. After his fake death in Thor, he traveled across the cosmos and learned a bunch of things in his journey. So for a guy who has always escaped death, finding hidden passageways is something that just suits his nature.

10. Duplication Casting

Loki explained duplication casting as “an exact facsimile of one’s own body in its present circumstance which act as a true holographic mirror of its molecular structure.” Thanks to Loki, we now fully understand his powers. Loki first showed this power in the first Thor film during their fight on Jotunheim. The Trickster is surely full of tricks and knows how to hold his own Even though he’s lost almost every battle, he never ceases to sneak out.

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