Top 10 Friendliest Dogs

A dog is a man’s best friend. But some likes to be friendly towards other dogs and humans as well. There are a few breeds which are friendly to even strangers. So, if you want to have a pup like this, here is the list:


Beagles are one of the friendliest breeds. Beagles make good family pets. They are one breed of dogs that are friendly to strangers as well. So, if you want to hang out with your dog at your friends place, they would the happiest one to enjoy it!


Irish setter:

The jokers of the dog community, they tend to become your and your family’s favourite. They are gregarious and high on energy. Irish Setters are quite famous across Ireland and UK.


Labrador retriever:

Cutest, friendliest, and what not. These dogs are just amazing. They are easy-going and can be trained for various purposes. Awesome, right?



They are large, they are friendly, and they are boxers. You could play with them all long. They love humans and specially the small ones. They are playful and protective as well.


Cavalier King Charles Spaniel:

They are gentle, sweet and of course friendly. You can trust them! They make a great family pup.



They are small and obedient. Poodles are quite active and hence your child can be engaged all day with this pup.


English bulldog:

Friendly with strangers and their caretakers alike. Bulldogs are quite hilarious as well.



Corgi’s are active, bold and friendly. They like to stay with the family all day! They are quite easy to train. They require regular exercise to keep up to their friendly nature!



Extremely funny and silly. They are just great. Pugs are friendly with anyone who could feed it.

 Golden retriever:

Well, you know at least this one!

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