People’s Choice – The Rock Just Might Become President of The United States

The Rock President of The United States:

These are very tumultuous times indeed. The world is going through a coronavirus pandemic that has shut down businesses and rendered the entire human civilization inert and useless. Everything has topped and within the confines of our homes, we are hearing even worse sorts of news. America, which is supposed to be the bastion of democracy and the free world, is seeing a surge in riots after an African-American man named George Floyd died at the hands of obvious police brutality in what is being considered to be pre-medicated, cold-blooded murder of the first degree. Americans took to the streets to make the authorities see the mirror and punish the perpetrators of such a heinous act. In the meanwhile, one popular actor’s ratings have sky-rocketed. And he is all set to assume the role of the ultimate people’s champion as the leader of the free world.

Dwayne Johnson The Rock

Dwayne Johnson started his career as a wrestler, where his quirky but unique antics won the hearts of millions. After a few years as a Wrestling Star, The Rock ventured into the movie-making industry. Hollywood was not fair to Dwayne Johnson with his first few movies being colossal bombs and critically reviled. He persevered even still and later, became had a career spanning two decades of delivering successful box office hits. The Rock is one of the highest-paid actors in Hollywood. If he had given up because he failed at the game the first couple of times, he would not have reached where he is today.

The Rock Become President of The United States

The ability to look failure in the eye and promise to return the next day to fight and get over it again is a very powerful ability every leader needs in these trying times. The Rock is a burning example of it. Maybe that is why he has been chosen by the silent majority of the United States of America to stand up for them and be their voice at Capitol Hill. The Rock started out as a wrestler. He then ventured into acting. He did well in both. Now he is starting his third career as a politician and he is set to push the boundaries there too.

The Rock Become President of The United States

After the murder of George Floyd, The Rock took to social media to give a heartfelt speech asking President Donald Trump to be more compassionate and an empathetic leader whose views resonated with those of the masses that are under peril in the USA. The video went extremely viral, generating hundreds of thousands of views in a span of hours, leading to the people of America claiming that he may be headed towards a better position to voice his sentiments in a national level podium.

The Rock’s skills as an orator and a moderator of words are well-known. It was those very qualities that made him so charismatic and listenable on screen. When the Rock spoke, everybody listens. There’s a reason why – because the Rock knows when to speak, how to say it, and where to deliver it with the perfect amount of words to send the message across so that he does not sound too ambiguous or too talkative. His 8-minute speech that implored President Trump to become a more compassionate leader during the George Floyd Riots and listen to the people for a change led to a 3.34% increase in his gross approval ratings.  According to a popular polling platform, the Rock has the backing and support of more than 4% of all respondents to an online poll conducted by the platform to stand in line as a Presidential candidate for the 2020 elections.

The Rock Become President of The United States

The ratings the Fast &Furious and Jumanji stars have accumulated after the speech stands at more than 40,000 in total and counting. So the Rock actually has the possibility of winning the 2020 Presidential Elections if he is willing to take part in the upcoming race.

The question is – is the Rock willing to take the risk? Will a political career be suitable for this legend? Only time can tell us that answer.

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