3 Major Changes Made To The New Daredevil Suit In MCU

Marvel launched the second She-Hulk trailer at Comic-Con 2022, revealing quite a few characters. Wong made his return. We know that the likes of Abomination, Titania, Frog Man, and Smart Hulk will also appear in this series. But the biggest reveal came at the end of the trailer when Charlie Cox’s Matt Murdock showed up in his Daredevil suit. Even though it was a very brief appearance, we could still determine how the new Daredevil suit in MCU has been altered from the Netflix one. Here are all the new changes brought to Daredevil’s MCU suit:

New Color Scheme

New Daredevil Suit

So far on the Netflix shows, we’ve only seen Daredevil wear his homemade black suits on Netflix and his Red-Black suits from Big Man Melvin Potter, aka the Gladiator. But now, as Daredevil makes his entry into the main MCU, he has a lot of yellow on his suit, which matches another one of his comic book costumes. The helmet, Sleeves, and bits of the legs have all been painted yellow. So there’s a yellow-red color scheme instead of Red-Black.


The New Batons

Daredevil’s Billy Club batons are used to attack, defend and hop onto buildings, as they’ve also got a grappling hook. But if you look at these beating sticks in the new trailer, they are different than the past ones that Daredevil used on Netflix. The color scheme is different as it matches the color of Daredevil’s new suit.


New Paddings

Initially, Daredevil’s Netflix suit only had knee pads. The new suit also packs has knee pads, but it has heavily padded gloves as well. These gauntlets would allow him to punch more effectively, and at the same time, the paddings would also save his own hands from damage. Along with the gloves, this new suit also added paddings on the elbows.


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