New Thor: Ragnarok Photo Reveals Something Interesting About Hulk

The Hulk’s appearance in Thor:Ragnarok is one that is as anticipated as the Asgardian god himself. The first trailer for Ragnarok finally confirmed that the storyline of Hulk as a gladiator from Planet Hulk was a definite part of the movie. Since his last appearance in Age of Ultron, not much has been known about The Hulk’s whereabouts until now. And if the Green Giant is anything like his comic character, he may just have the break-out story of Ragnarok.

The Queensland Art Gallery in Australia just opened an exhibit called Marvel: Creating the Cinematic Universe, which is filled with more than 500 objects and set pieces from the MCU. The standout piece may be Hulk’s bed from Ragnarok. Like the bad-ass that he has always been, The Hulk sleeps on a the skull of an animal. Although there is now way of knowing whether  he killed the animal or not, fans can witness just how much savagery may be in existence in the fiction planet of Sakaar.

Twitter user  Liam Burke posted the Ragnarok prop on his account, revealing to fans worldwide the intricate details of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Since Hulk is under the rule of the Grandmaster, the bed may be an indication of the state of Hulk’s status in Sakaar. He was not the only one who shared what Marvel had to offer up for display. QAGOMA also shared the other set piece of from Thor: Ragnarok.

The site posted the throne room in Asgard, which seems to have been upgraded to a grander scale.Since Thor: The Dark World had shown the destruction of half the throne room, the upgrade may be the responsibility of Loki. Sine he has been impersonating Odin since the last film.The third film will see Thor in search of Odin with the help of Doctor Strange.

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