10 Dumbest Reasons Why Actors Got Fired From Movies

While Hollywood is nothing but an entertainment platform for us, it is a major source of income for the actors. No one messes up with their bread and butter except for the following actors who got kicked out of the sets. Just like common people like us, actors also have to undergo this dreadful face. Some failures such as rejections and getting fired teach us lot of lessons that we can apply in the future. But what lessons did the actors get in these situations? Was Richard Gere’s lesson not to spill mustard sauce on Sylvester Stallone? Some even got thrown out for kicking the executive in the shin. Why would any intelligent person do something like that? Find out the 10 dumbest reasons why actors got fired from movies.

Richard Gere

Dumbest Reasons Why Actors Got Fired From Movies

Richard and Sylvester Stallone started on the wrong foot while filming “The Lords of Flatbush”. According to sources, Sylvester was already miffed at Gere’s alleged pompous attitude on the set. Some conjectures also suggest that the two stars had a brawl over the late Princess Dianna. But Richard Gere drew the last straw when he got carried away in a movie-fight sequence with Sylvester and also spilled mustard sauce on his clothes. Stallone lost his patience and got Gere kicked out.

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay has infamously given a hard time to her costars and the crew of several movies and shows she appeared in. It’s no surprise that the productions of “The Canyons” weren’t spared from her diva moments. She asked the crew to strip naked whenever she played nude scenes which compelled the producer to take the bullet for the team. But she drew the final straw when her hotel bill amounted to about $46,000 which was close to the revenue the movie made. She was fired but again hired back to finish the shoots.

Marcus Chong

Dumbest Reasons Why Actors Got Fired From Movies

Ever heard of someone losing their job on charges for stealing food? If we go by the speculation, Marcus was fired by Warner Bros. from the sets of “The Matrix” for stealing the food. He also allegedly made threatening phone calls to the directors Wachowskis.

Thomas Gibson

Thomas Gibson landed his breakthrough role in the CBS drama “Criminal Minds”. But he got fired after 11 season over a violent brawl with the producer. The allegations against him stated that he kicked the producer on the shins during a dissent over lines.

Megan Fox

Dumbest Reasons Why Actors Got Fired From Movies

Can’t say what Megan Fox was thinking when she went on to b*tch about her “Transformers” director in front of the camera. She compared her boss, Michael Bay to Hitler during an interview which stirred up a huge controversy. More than anyone, famous director Steven Spielberg was upset with her comments and asked the productions to show her the exit door.

Sylvester Stallone

Being nominated for Academy Award for Best Screenplay may have inflated Stallone’s confidence. He was cast for “Beverly Hills Cop” but nagged the writers and directors with his ideas. He wasn’t just offering ideas but had completely changed and rewrote the entire script. What followed was inevitable. He was unceremoniously replaced by Eddie Murphy. Stallone may have regretted it later as the show became a commercial and critical hit.

Lisa Kudrow

Lisa was reading her script for “Frasier” when the director was surprised with her dialogue delivery. The writers changed some lines to make it sound serious but nothing worked. As a result, they had no other option but to let go off Lisa.

Isaiah Washington

Dumbest Reasons Why Actors Got Fired From Movies

Isaiah rose to prominence after his big break in “Grey’s Anatomy”. According to reports, he got dismissed from the long-running show on the wake of an altercation with costars. He allegedly threw crazy tantrums, strangled Patrick Demsey, and also threw homophobic slurs. However, the actor returned for a cameo in 2014.

Jamie Waylett

Many sources have joked about Jamie being caught with gillyweed, but the joke never gets old. Jamie is known from the Harry Potter franchise as the foodie and Draco’s minion, Crabbe. The reason Crabbe mysteriously vanished from the rest of the movies was because of his incarceration. He was apprehended for possession of marijuana and later convicted with about 2 years of prison.

Katie Redford

Dumbest Reasons Why Actors Got Fired From Movies

While Mila Kunis pretended to be older to land a role in “That ‘70s Show”, Katie lied about being younger. But unlike Mila, Katie couldn’t save her job when her lie was caught. Katie was 25 years old when she told the producers that were 19 to play the role of a 14-yr old. But that’s the ironic flaw of being famous- your lies don’t last for long. The production executives didn’t take it well once she was busted on the internet.

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