Black Lightning’s Daughter Becomes The Superhero ‘Thunder’ In Upcoming Episode

Black Lightning is one of the boldest moves ever taken by a television network. To portray a TV show highlighting the race-related problems in today’s society and the African American culture, in general, is a difficult task. Not many can accomplish that but those that do become TV legends. Empire, Power, and Scandal are popular TV shows that have an African American as the lead and they have done wonders and achieved cult status. Can Black Lightning do the same? Can Black Lightning achieve television greatness as the first superhero-based TV show to break the mold??

Black Lightning

We certainly hope so. The CW’s Arrowverse is not where Black Lightning lies. The network did a wise thing excluding Black Lightning from the larger Arrowverse. It is already full and enough with Arrow, The Flash, Super Girl and Legends of Tomorrow. Adding another one into the mix would have been unnecessary and overcrowding. While the show does lie outside The CW’s Arrowverse, it doesn’t mean it is any less interesting. Black Lightning is one of the best superheroes shows ever. That goes without question.  And the way the story is developing in the upcoming episodes, you would be nodding your head in agreement once you read this.

The synopsis for the next episode of Black Lightning titled ‘Black Jesus’ has been revealed. It will tell the story of Anissa Pierce, the daughter of Jefferson pierce aka Black Lightning. Unbeknownst to Jefferson Pierce, Anissa too has developed superpowers of her own. Anissa doesn’t know her father is Black Lightning. Anissa will become Thunder, a DC Superhero and help clean the crime-ridden streets of Freeland on her own.

Anissa’s powers were first shown to the audience in the episode ‘The Resurrection’. She was shown breaking a sink in half with her bare hands. Then in the next episode, she flung a robber much farther away than an average woman could. In ‘Lawanda: The Book of Burial’, Anissa is seen taking a direct hit from a car and coming out unscathed and uncrushed. Anissa has found out that she has powers of invulnerability and super strength. Anissa’s superhero costume was teased a long way back in the promotional posters for the TV Show itself but this is the first time anyone has seen her superpowers in action.

The Episode is titled ‘Black Jesus’ – a nickname of sorts for Jefferson Peirce in the neighborhoods of Freeland as “everyone thinks he can walk on water.” The episode has no relation to the Adult Swim show of the same name. Anissa won’t be donning the superhero costume just yet. She is seen hiding under a hoodie as she faces an armed robbery in the trailer. Black Lightning is also seen fighting some men and later electrocuting a guy on screen. The Official synopsis for Black Jesus reads:

BACK IN TOWN – Black Lightning (Cress Williams) is recruited to rally against The 100 gang. Anissa (Nafessa Williams) investigates the new drug hitting the streets. Meanwhile, familiar faces begin to reappear.

Anissa is no stranger to super-heroics in the comic books. First debuting in 2003 in Outsiders #1, Anissa has developed the power to alter her body density. She could make herself light as a feather and phase through objects as well as turn her body to the densest object on the face of the Earth to give her super strength and enhanced durability. In the comics, Anissa knew about her father’s double life as a vigilante and her father also knew about Anissa’s powers. But it was only after graduation that her father had allowed her to become a superhero.

Black Lightning

While Thunder is all set to rock the show in the next episode, Lightning aka Jennifer Pierce is still missing in action. In the comics, Lightning is the superhero closest to Black Lightning in terms of superpowers. Both Jennifer and Jefferson have electricity manipulation powers in the comic books. Considering that both the girls were seen in the Black Lightning promotional posters wearing superhero costumes, we are sure we will see Jennifer don her Lightning costume soon. Giambi is going to have his hands full for now. Jennifer, like Anissa, is going to undoubtedly come around. We just have to wait until she does.

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