5 Huge Questions We Had After Watching Star Wars (And Probable Answers)


Now that we’ve all seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and had time to mull things over, we have questions. Burning questions, and we can’t wait for the next Star Wars movies to come out. The Internet has been doing what the Internet does best, and churned out several theories to answer these niggling questions. We’ve rounded up the best.

Why Did The Lightsaber Go To Rey Instead of Kylo?



As we learn from Maz Kanata in the “watering-hole,” the lightsaber feels an intrinsic pull towards Rey. This seems to be a very “the wand chooses the wizard” deal, and isn’t particularly convincing in the overall arch of the movies. It could be that the Force is stronger with Rey than it is with Kylo, and she definitely is stronger than he is at telekinesis.


Just Who Are Rey’s Parents?



One obvious answer to this question could be Han Solo and Leia Organa. Maybe Han and Leia had another kid when Ben went off to Jedi school (read Hogwarts). The movie was peppered with Han and Rey feels, from “I bypassed the compressor!” to “He’s like the father you never had” (*sniffles*).

This explains why the Force is so strong with Rey : it was passed on to her from Darth Vader himself, He Who Was Born Of The Midichlorians. This has interesting implications, as if Kylo and Rey are brother and sister, it truly is a case of Force vs Force, and as like charges repel each other, the fight between the two siblings caused the rift in the Starkiller Base.

Another possible theory is that Luke Skywalker is her father. There are several similarities between Rey and Luke. They’re both thrown into a mission against the dark side by the appearance of a droid (both of which, may we point out, are adorable), and they both display Chosen One abilities. Rey already knows that Luke is on the Scottish island, knowledge which Kylo falsely interprets as a metaphor for her loneliness.

How Did Finn Break Conditioning?



In the canon, there have never been previous instances of a stormtrooper revolting. Indeed, they are clones devoid of feeling. The Force Awakens presents a side of the stormtrooper that hasn’t been seen before : the human side.

In the poignant moment when an unnamed stormtrooper leaves a bloody handprint on his helmet, FN-2187 becomes Finn, the man who wants to do what is right. Could this be because his mind has been touched by the Force (read Luke)? This might explain how he could weild the lightsaber and wasn’t turned into mincemeat by Kylo Ren.


What Was The Vision?

Rey’s vision in the basement was reminiscent of the vision Luke has in the bog of confronting Darth Vader behind the trees. It seems to go forwards as well as backwards, starting the moment she touches the lightsaber.

The vision basically serves as a TLDR version of the events that happened until that point, enabling Rey to understand the Force within her. It starts with Luke confronting Darth Vader in Cloud City, and the voices of Yoda, Obi Wan, Luke, Darth Vader ft. Giggling Palpatine.

She then sees Luke hiding his location in R2-D2, and presumable the Knights of Ren destroying Luke’s Jedi Academy. She also sees her coming fight with Kylo Ren.


How is Kylo Ren so swoonworthy?

No seriously, look.

Probably because genetics :



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