WandaVision: Rune Magic & Its Origin Explained

WARNING: Episode 9 (Series Finale) Spoilers Ahead!

WandaVision has come to an end. The series concluded this Friday with an epic battle between Agatha Harkness. vs Scarlet Witch. Agatha was an experienced witch, living for over 300 years and acquiring knowledge, and possessed great powers. But Wanda was naturally one of the strongest beings to ever exist. Their battle was interesting and a stepping stone for Wanda’s future in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Wanda Maximoff has been officially introduced in the MCU as the Scarlet Witch.

Agatha Harkness revealed her true identity in episode 7. When Wanda tried to use her magic in Agatha’s basement, she was unable to. Agatha revealed the reason for this happening. She explained that she had cast spells on the walls, and were called Runes. They allowed only Agatha to use her powers and neutralize everyone else. Later on, we see Wanda use the same Runes in the finale to depower Agatha and wind the battle.

Let’s dive deeper into the history of Runes. Rune magic is also known as Norse magic is something Asgardians are well known for using. But even non-Asgardian characters can use runes. Like for example Dr. Strange and other users of magic. It was established in WandaVision that Agatha and Scarlet Witch, both can use Runes.

Runes are symbols not that different from Sigils. The main difference is that Runes use mostly straight lines. In Marvel, other fictional Verses, and as well in our real-world there are several runes of protection. Protection against fire, ice, water, lightning, earth, impact, damage, decay, bad luck, and more things. These 25 base Runes can be combined to form new Runes. Each Rune has a specific meaning and is linked to a specific power.

WandaVision Magic Rune Origin

In Marvel, people have been seeing using all of those Runes at the same time, for example, a shield, and that shield will protect you to a certain degree from those things. They can also imbue items with those runes so the item is protected to a certain degree from those things. Here are a few examples of those runes made through a combination of the basic 25 runes.

Rune Magic is the power to use rune or runestone-based magic. It’s a combination of magic, object magic, and symbol magic. It is said that when it comes to Asgardians, Odin is extensively educated in the knowledge of Rune magic. That is mostly because of the knowledge he gained from the Well of Mimír.

WandaVision Magic Rune Origin

There is another type of magic in Marvel. This magic is much more powerful than Rune magic. It is called “Words”. It is used by the Black Priests. These Black Priests can distort reality with their words. Each Black Priest is capable of saying one “word” (a symbol which means “something”). The addition of another symbol can change the meaning of that “something.” Doctor Strange even became their leader for a while. Doctor Strange stated that this method to be akin to replacement cipher.

The Runes are magical artifacts that grant their wielder access to knowledge that he or she normally couldn’t obtain. It is implied that the knowledge the Runes provide depends on what a person has lived through. The Runes also gave him many magic spells. Only a few were shown. One of these spells can apparently grant the owner the ability to will other beings into nothingness.

WandaVision Magic Rune Origin

WandaVision has properly introduced the Rune magic, along with the Darkhold. It was written by an Elder God called Chthon. The Darkhoold possess a lot of knowledge and power. The Darkhold can definitely tap into a lot of dimensions. The Darkhold works on the concept of give-and-take. It is one of the most powerful tools in the world. The spells can give you whatever you want, but everything has a price attached. The Darkhold can give back life as well. But certainly, at a cost.

The Darkhold was introduced as the cause of lycanthropy – the Werewolf curse. The Darkhold’s first appearance was in Marvel Spotlight #4, the title that starred Werewolf by Night, Marvel’s most popular canine monster. It surely feels like the Darkhold will hold a special place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe for the upcoming years.

WandaVision Magic Rune Origin

It has certainly been established well. Agatha Harkness introduced the Darkhold in WandaVision. She implacably told Wanda that she does not realize the power of her magic. Undoubtedly, WandaVision has established the tone for Marvel’s Phase 4. We will get to see a lot of witchcraft. Are you excited for it?


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