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10 Questions MCU Phase 4 Has To Answer With Its Films & Shows

Marvel has achieved a lot in the past decade. But one achievement that particularly stands out is the interconnected universe. From 2008 till 2021, Marvel has managed to somehow pull off this massive task. But even so, there are some loose threads that we just cannot ignore. I get it, creating a universe this big will come with shortcomings. But with Marvel’s Phase 4 currently developing, I think we are in for some clarity. Here are the top 10 questions MCU Phase 4 has to Answer.

1. Where Is Lady Sif?

The last that we saw Lady Sif was in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. There, she helped Coulson capture a rogue Asgardian. And now, we ask ourselves, when is she going to return to the MCU? It is no surprise that Jane Foster is coming back in Thor 4, so why not Lady Sif? I would personally want to see Lady Sif return to the MCU because she is, after all, Thor’s childhood friend.

2. Are The Sokovia Accords Still In Effect?

Iron Man Endgame Marvel

The Sokovia Accords had a major impact on the Avengers as they divided them into two fronts. But in Infinity War, the Accords were active but ineffective as well. So where do the Sokovia Accords actually stand now? However, in The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, it was subtly proved that the government powers play a part in deciding Capt. America’s successor. But we would still like some clarity on the same.

3. Are Any Of The TV Shows Canon?

Questions MCU Phase 4 Has To Answer
Questions MCU Phase 4 Has To Answer

The biggest question that stands now, are any of the Marvel shows MCU canon? Marvel’s library that included The Defenders and The Punisher remains in question whether they are a part of the MCU canon. Considering that they are a part of the MCU canon, there will be a lot of loose threads for the MCU to cover. So, what do you think? I think they will be a part of the MCU canon, but not as of now.

4. What’s Next For Spider-Man?

Spider-Man is a very controversial topic when it comes to the partnership between Disney and Sony. The copyright battle between these two titans will no clear Spider-Man’s status any time soon. Tom Holland, aka Peter Parker, will next be seen in Spider-Man: No Way Home. Moreover, the biggest concern for the character if he will ever cross paths with Venom.

5. What Exactly Is The Quantum Realm?

When Will Fantastic Four Movie Release

With Ant-Man 3 on the way, I’m expecting a long elaborative explanation on the Quantum Realm. Moreover, for some weird reasons, the Quantum Realm has different effects on different people. A prolonged stay in the Quantum Realm gave Janet van Dyne healing powers while Scott Lang’s five-year exile in there felt like 30 minutes to him. Moreover, Kang has a city in the Quantum Realm, which I hope they cover in Ant-Man 3.

6. How Did SHIELD Come Back?

Captain America: The Winter Soldier ended with Nick Fury hunting the remaining sleeper agents. But the main question is, how did the organization regroup so quickly? It was realized that the organization was infiltrated by HYDRA agents, and had to be dismantled. Now, this sudden comeback actually calls for a movie explaining the rebuilding of SHIELD. What do you think?

7. Is HYDRA Still Around?

Questions MCU Phase 4 Has To Answer
Questions MCU Phase 4 Has To Answer

HYDRA is one of the evilest organizations in the MCU since its debut. Over these years, the organization has been the face of many threats. So, are they still around? Even in their weakest, can they still harm our heroes? Moreover, the ending of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier saw Sharon Carter with her evil ways. A bleak theory suggested that she might be bringing back HYDRA. Could this be it?

8. What Happened To Trevor?

Trevor is the actor who played the fake Mandarin in the Iron Man franchise. But now that Shang-Chi has revealed that there is in fact, a real Mandarin controlling the Ten Rings, I want to know what happened to the fake one. Well, as far as I can gauge, his fate isn’t easy. We can expect a lot more pain than usual. It could be that the real Mandarin actually took care of him.

9. Who Hired Sonny Burch?

Now, this question actually gets me, who wanted to hire Sonny Burch? Well, whoever did so really wanted the Pym particles on an urgent basis. But it is theorized that it could be the leftover HYDRA or Normon Osborn himself who hired Sonny Burch. This is a major thread that the MCU should cover, considering that Pym particles have held a major significance in Endgame.

10.  What Happened To The Hulk’s Enemies?

Two of Hulk’s greatest enemies have made their MCU debut, but have been discarded too easily as well. However, in the recent Shang-Chi trailer, we saw The Abomination. But considering that General Thaddeus Ross is still around, all the major threats could be still be somewhere preserved. Moreover, it’s about time that the Hulk gets his time to shine, for real!

So these are all the questions the MCU Phase 4 has to answer. Which other questions do you have? Let us know in the comments.

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