10 Great Things Ant-Man Has Done In The MCU So Far

MCU has a habit of putting unintentional comedy scenes in its movies. But Ant-Man was one such film that had a comedy tone and even the characters followed the same. Paul Rudd was cast for the main role as Scott Lang aka Ant-Man. The first film was released in 2015 followed by the sequel in 2018. Ant-Man did a lot of great things to prove himself as a superhero. He had to stop the bad guys and he always did well with his abilities. So, let’s have a look at all the great things Ant-Man has done in the MCU.

1. Takes fan photos with Hulk

Avengers: Endgame ended the 23 film story arc of MCU in 2019. In one of the scenes, Ant-Man is seen giving food to Hulk. A group of fans then come there to meet them. They were more interested in taking photos with the Hulk instead of Ant-Man. This could have been embarrassing for Ant-Man. But still, he did not behave angrily. Scott clicks all the photos and it proves that he has no ego. He proves that he is satisfied and happy when any other team member is also happy.

2. Befriends Jimmy Woo

Jimmy Woo is someone who should be hated by Scott. But that does not happen here. Jimmy arrests Scott. Jimmy also has to go to Scott’s house, again and again, to check on his house arrest. But in between all this, Jimmy and Scott develop a close friendship with each other. Scott is able to impress Jimmy with the use of his magic. This is a skill Scott uses when he is inside his house. After two years, we get to see that they go together to arrange their food.

3. Entertains Cassie on house arrest

Great Things Ant-Man Has Done

Scott Lang has done a lot of things as the Ant-Man. But apart from all this, he has also been a good father to his daughter Cassie. Audiences can easily connect with Scott and the reason is his daughter. This is clearly seen at the beginning of Ant-Man and the Wasp where he is put under house arrest. Instead of not seeing his daughter and sitting in front of the television, he becomes a super dad. He does everything he can to make the house arrest more exciting and fun for Cassie.

4. Naming Antony

This scene is a perfect example of comedy and heart that Ant-Man brings to the MCU. He cannot fly as a character. But he gets to fly around on ants to get to various points. So eventually he gets attached to one of them. Instead of treating it as a means of transport, he decides to name it Antony. This is a pun because of the fact that he is an ant. But this becomes the best moment to show the compassion that he has. This is completely different from all other heroes in the MCU.

5. Turning up to Cassie’s birthday

We get to see that Scott Lang does not share a good relationship with his ex-wife and her new partner Paxton. This is clearly seen when Scott is not invited to his daughter’s birthday party after he gets out of prison. But still, he turns up there. He proves that he wishes to get involved and shows the type of person he is at the core. Scott arrives late but he gives a present to Cassie. She loves the present and here, Scott tries to prove that he will be different after all this.

6. Goes to Quantum Realm for Cassie

Ant-Man being involved in the world of Quantum Realm is perhaps the most dangerous part of this character. This has been discussed in the first movie. Towards the end, Scott himself heads towards the world despite knowing that he might not return. But he doesn’t get the chance to think twice since Yellow Jacket puts his daughter Cassie in danger. This is a moment where the one thing he cares the most about is his daughter and decides to put him in the hands of danger.

7. Runs to find Cassie

Great Things Ant-Man Has Done

Ant-man comes out of the Quantum Realm in Avengers: Endgame. Till the time he has returned, Thanos has wiped out half of the universe. He checks a few tombstones and finds his name on them. He then runs to find his daughter. Initially, he thought that she might be dead but she turns out to be alive. This is one of the best moments from the film. Both father and daughter run into each other since they meet after a very long time. This was also another emotional moment in Avengers: Endgame.

8. Joins Captain America

Ant-Man is introduced to the Avengers during Captain America: Civil War. The Avengers split into two teams due to a disagreement between Steve Rogers and Tony Stark over the Sokovia Accords. In order to stop Helmut Zemo, Captain America along with those on his side decides to escape to Siberia. But in order to evade Tony Stark and his team, they also recruit Scott Lang aka Ant-Man. Here he does two good things in the airport fight scene. He apologizes to Black Widow before fighting her and apologizes to Captain America for throwing the wrong truck.

9. Steals from the Avengers

In the first Ant-Man, we see Scott Lang stealing from Avengers headquarters. Well, this is definitely not the right thing. But Scott is doing it for a good reason. He tries to help Hank and Hope Pym since they have to retrieve the signal decoy. He goes to the Avengers HQ and does what he can do the best. Apart from that, we also get to see him fighting with Falcon. Here, Ant-Man also manages to fight and defeat Falcon. This is also one of the best moments in the MCU.

10. Honest with the police

Initially, in the first Ant-Man, Scott Lang steals the Ant-Man suit. But he sees problems in his ways and rushes to return it to Hank Pym. But here he ends up being caught. This is a moment where Scott shows the kind of person he is. Here we see him returning the suit in the first place and also he apologizes directly after being caught. Eventually, he later becomes the Ant-Man and is now known as the most loved character among all of the MCU movies.

So these were all the great things Ant-Man has done in the MCU.

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