Ant-Man 3 Must Solve A Scott Lang Issue In Post-Endgame Events

Ant-Man And The Wasp: Quantumania is not coming out until 2023. It will see the characters coping with the repercussions from the blip. Marvel has released 4 Disney+ shows and 2 live-action movies of Phase 4 so far, and most of them show the characters coping with their fallout after the events of Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame. And now it’s Scott Lang and company’s turn. A Scott Lang issue needs to be solved soon enough.

The 5 years after Thanos’ snap(s) were hard for everyone across the galaxy. People were left alone, homeless and even orphaned. But, it hit harder on all the superheroes who could not stop Thanos from destroying half the lives of the universe. And Marvel did a great job in showing each superhero grieving in their way. Now, almost every character has been shown coping with the aftermath of the blip, except Scott Lang. He was last seen in Endgame and will not be appearing until 2023. The 2019 movie didn’t show him grieving and it would be a shame if the 2023 movie doesn’t do it either. (The statement holds if he doesn’t cameo in any of the projects between 2021’s Eternals and Quantumania).



A Scott Lang Issue

Unlike every superhero in MCU’s roster, Scott or anyone from his crew didn’t appear in Infinity War. The post-credits scene from his last movie, Ant-Man And The Wasp, left him in the Quantum Realm. That was until a rat got him out after almost 5 years in the real world (which was just 5 hours for him in the Quantum Realm). And to his surprise, the whole world around him had changed. He found about the Snap and found himself on the list of the deads. Although, the silver lining was his daughter, Casey, was still alive who apparently, had to grow up as an orphan.


Scott had missed 5 of the most important years of his daughter’s life. He might be a light-headed man but going through all this must’ve given him trauma for life. So it makes sense that Marvel shows Scott working through his trauma in his next installment.


If you have followed the MCU from the beginning, you’d know that Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes went through a similar thing in his past too. Steve crash-landed a HYDRA aircraft in an unknown location and got frozen there for 70 long years. And when he finally woke up, he was in a world that he knew nothing about. He could’ve broken down if he hadn’t found that his long-lost love interest Peggy Carter was still alive. She helped him get through the trauma of an entire world that had forgotten his actions.


MCU followed this plot till the last moment of his story. Steve found the North Pole amidst all the craziness around him. He is seen with the compass with Peggy’s picture in several shots across the Infinity Saga. Even his fellow Avengers helped him a lot, especially Scarlett Johanson’s Black Widow. Although when Peggy died, it seemed for a moment that Steve would break down, his friends helped him get through that. Although, he finally got the years he lost with Peggy when he stayed in the past.


A Scott Lang Issue

Marvel could take a page out of Steve’s book for Scott too. Scott had already missed the early years in her daughter’s life. And now that he lost her teen years too, can send him crashing into darkness. The creators could include some heartfelt moments in the movie which sees Scott taking care of Casey. They could show Scott talking to Janet as she also missed quite some years with her daughter. But to ignore such crucial parts might not be a great idea for Scott Lang’s future in the MCU.



Unlike many superheroes and people in various galaxies, Wanda didn’t get back the love of her life after the blip. And the following guilt caused her to imprison people of the eternal town of Westview. She created an entire family for herself in various US sitcoms setting, which was all she wanted since she was a little girl in Sokovia. However, Vision and Monica Rambeau help her realize just how many other families she was hurting in her attempt to create one for herself. Wanda does the right thing at the end and frees the residents of Westview. She was last seen studying the Darkhold to fully understand the extent of her powers.


Marvel did the same for other characters as well. Spider-Man got the closure he wanted in Sider-Man: Far From Home. Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes worked through the loss of their best friend and former Captain America, Steve Rogers. Loki redeemed himself in his Disney+ show after learning about his unfortunate murder at the hands of Thanos. Soon to be added to the list, Disny+’s upcoming show, Hawkeye will see Clint Barton making up for the lost time with his family. Since Scott is not getting a series of his own, his upcoming movie must see him working through these issues.



Paul Rudd’s Scott Lang has his weird way to get through tough times. His last movie featured him spending quality time playing with his daughters to get through his house arrest. Additionally, he started a security company with his old pals from his robbery days to spend time. In all these little things, he usually tries to avoid the elephant in the room. However, will it work when his issues are the size of an ant hit by the Blue disk? He needs to devise new coping mechanisms and his friends can help him in this area. Marvel never backs down from addressing the common problems of a superhero and they are not stopping now.


Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania is set to hit the theatres on February 17, 2023. And Marvel has a lot prepared for the meantime. Mention your views on Scott Lang’s issues in the comments below.

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