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Just Like Endgame, Doctor Strange Will Assemble The Guardians Of The Multiverse

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has expanded rapidly in the past few years. So much so that we have seen the pace being picked up after the end of Endgame rather than slowing down. We all expected things to be quieter in 2021. But Marvel Studios turned things to an 11 by releasing a bunch of OTT shows one after the other. First came WandaVision, then The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, then Loki and now finally we have What If…? The latest episode of What If…? Made us realize just now powerful Infinity Ultron is. We think that Doctor Strange will assemble the Guardians of the Multiverse to defeat him in the next week’s finale.

This week’s episode focused on What If Ultron Won. It sounds pretty much like it is. In this universe, Ultron was able to take control of the perfect body he created for himself. Hence, the hero Vision never came into existence, and Ultron was given access to the full capability of a Vibranium body and the mind stone. This made the villain virtually indestructible. Ultron destroyed The Avengers in the subsequent fight, got access to the nuclear launch codes, and proceeded to lay waste to the earth.


At this point, Thanos showed up on Earth hoping to steal the mind gem from Ultron and complete his infinity gauntlet. However, this Ultron is too fast for the Mad Titan. He uses the power of the mind gem to cut Thanos in half and steals the rest of the infinity stones from him. This transforms Ultron into Infinity Ultron. Infinity Ultron proceeds to lay waste to the universe much in the same way that he ravaged the Earth. The power of the Infinity Gauntlet makes Ultron nigh-invincible and no one can stop him.


Doctor Strange Will Assemble The Guardians

Although, all this galaxy-level destruction attracts the attention of Captain Marvel who crashes into Ultron like a high-powered missile. She is almost able to defeat the villain but ends up eradicated from the explosion of the core of Xandar. The entire episode is a visual treat. However, the most interesting part is yet to come. As Ultron stands in an empty universe, he experiences peace for the first time. In this quiet peace, he escalates to another plane of consciousness.


Together with the power of the Gems and the epiphany of Ultron he can hear the voice of The Watcher. This is quite surprising because it was previously thought that no one can perceive the Watcher. Yet somehow, Ultron attains cosmic awareness. The mad machine then breaks through the barriers of his own universe into the plane of the Watcher to kill every conceivable universe there is. His bloodlust knows no end and now he has a truly endless task in front of him with cleansing infinity of life.


The craziest thing that ends up happening is that Infinity Ultron manages to overpower the watcher and his power cosmic. We never expected the mighty Watcher to be defeated by a being from one universe but it seems Ultron has achieved a power that cannot be conceived by the likes of us. This leaves the Watcher with no option but to go to Strange Supreme for help. It is made obvious that Doctor Strange Will Assemble The Guardians for the final confrontation with Thanos.


The Guardians of The Multiverse

This surprise would have been much better if the reveal was not already spoiled by the trailer for What If…? Regardless, we expect that Strange Supreme will four the multiverse looking for the bed candidates to serve on Watcher’s team. The team will have Captain Carter, Thanos Gamora, T’Challa Star-Lord, Killmonger Black Panther, Party Thor, Zombie Killer Spider-Man, and Black Widow from Infinity Ultron’s home universe. The team will have the help of Strange Supreme and The Watcher.


Doctor Strange Will Assemble The Guardians

This should give them an edge over the Infinity Ultron and will allow for the stones to be ripped from him. Maybe Armin Zola can even infiltrate and dismantle the AI. Regardless, Doctor Strange Will Assemble The Guardians to take down Infinity Gauntlet in the final episode of What If…? season one. Tell us what you liked most about the season in the comments below and keep watching this space for everything Marcel, DC, and Hollywood.

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