3 Famous Superheroes Who Share A Relationship With Villains

Comic book stories are full of surprises and you don’t know who is the real villain and why is there is so much mess around a single character. It’s endless. The head-scratching stories and the complexities between the characters are unpredictable. From single-character stories to crossovers, we are pretty much aware of what we see on television, read in comics and see in movies, but still, there is a whole new range of story turns and relations that you might not be aware of. So, today we bring your three superheroes who were actually linked to villains.

1. The Flash and Malcolm


Barry Allen thought that he would end up all alone after his parents’ death, but not until he finds out that he is the only one left in the Allen family because he finds out that Malcolm, who is also dubbed as Blue Cobalt, is his twin brother. What ? Cobalt is actually one of the adversaries of Barry Allen. Cobalt was thought to be dead when’s an infant and then he was raised by a coma artist family.

2. The Hulk and Red Hulk


Bruce Banner’s Hulk and Thunderbolt’s Red Hulk are raging machines with one of them trying to kill each other. It’s like a father mostly dislikes his daughter’s boyfriend. Same was the case with the Hulk. Betty Ross’s father Thaddeus E. Ross, hated Bruce Banner above the normal norm. E. Ross turned into the Red Hulk and always wanted to kill the Hulk.

3. Wonder Woman and Ares

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Wonder Woman is a character with a surprising history in the comic book universe. She and Ares are surprisingly linked with each other. Wonder Woman and Ares are from the same Greek mythology with a complicated family link. It was revealed in the 1992 version of Wonder Woman that Ares is actually her maternal father. He is the father of Wonder Woman’s mother Hippolyta. Later the story plot kept on changing including in New 52, where she was considered as the biological daughter of Zeus and Hippolyta.

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