The 10 Coolest Dads in The History of Television

Television has its own way of giving wings to our imagination and expectations. Sometimes by bringing a ridiculously handsome love interest or the other times by bringing glamour beyond satisfaction, but this time we are gonna talk about the ultimate one, the dad one! T.V. dads have their own cool and eccentric vibe going on, where they are unbelievably chilled, supportive, and perfect. Dads are the one thing we all fear the most. And television has somehow managed to portray such an authoritative character in such an easy way that they can only be defined as the coolest dads. So here are some of the dreamiest dads one could ever think of for you to acknowledge and dream about.

Jack Pearson- This is Us

Jack Pearson was someone you can fall in love with easily and never regret your decision, ever!. He was smart, funny, supportive, kind, honest, and god knows what not, he was everything good you can ever think of and thus too good to be true. Jack wasn’t only a great husband, but a great dad and an awesome human being. Apart from these awesome traits, he was the kind of father we all see with awe in our eyes and he proved it all the time in the series like, he adopted a black child, Randall, and nurtured him as his own, and helped Rebecca to accept him when they lost their third child. It takes courage to forget your worries and help someone else in their misery. Throughout the show, it is made prominent that how great of a father Jack was. He taught calmness to Randall, confidence to Kate, and courage to Kevin, his big three! He did have certain drawbacks but as Rebecca once said, “Jack wasn’t a perfect man, but he was pretty damn close”.

Red Forman- That 70s show

Coolest Dads of Television
Coolest Dads of Television

Come on you know he is the coolest, right! Always hard on the surface showing he doesn’t give a crap. He is a veteran soldier and holds himself and America high, but unfortunately, his son never made it to the list, at least not in words but through actions. Even though he shows himself as hard and uptight, he deep down had the biggest heart. He took Hyde to his home and treated him like his own son when Hyde’s mom and dad abandoned him. He encouraged Eric to go to Africa after his graduation to follow his dreams; he gave his basement to the whole gang to just hang out. His unconditional love for Katie and his daughter is admirable. He is a straight-forward, no-nonsense kinda father on the one side and is like a soft sweet potato on the other who would support his close ones no matter what, thus, making us all feel happy when we see him.

Marvin Eriksen Sr.- How I Met Your Mother 

Marvin Sr. is a very involved father in all his sons’ life, especially Marshall’s, as he lived in another state. Marshall called his father daily and told him everything. He even said that his father is his best friend and it hit him hard when he passed away. They depicted the bond where there was love, understanding, fun, and no regrets to carry. Marshall carried on the tradition of watching football with his dad with barbeque and friends, even after his lovable dad passed away. not only that, Marshall even went to his grave and watched football with him. At last, He named his son on his father’s name Marvin Erikson, which shows how good of a dad he was and what impact he had on Marshall’s life.

Jack Geller- Friends

Jack Geller is the father of two of the FRIENDS central characters, Ross and Monica Geller. He is best known for his ill-timed, inappropriate comments. Jack is more sympathetic towards Monica than his wife, Judy. When Monica broke up with her long term boyfriend, Richard, he visited her and consoled her, although he had previously disapproved of their relationship, which showed how much his daughter’s troubles mattered to him over his own disagreement. He also gave her his Porsche, after the box of her childhood memories were ruined by him accidentally. In The Last One, Monica names her newborn son after her father, Jack, which shows her love and respect for him.

Phil Dunphy- Modern Family

Coolest Dads of Television
Coolest Dads of Television

He is probably the definition of a “cool dad”. Having three children, with all kinds of quirky habits and attitudes, he always tried to blend into their lifestyle instead of imposing his on them. He supports his eldest daughter’s boyfriend Dylan and is always there to support them, no matter what happens. He stands by his second daughter through all her decisions and feels closest to his son, Luke with whom he does all the fun yet dangerous experiments. Even though he was sometimes a little clumsy or clingy, he was also very progressive and non-judgmental.

Cameron Tucker- Modern Family

Admit it guys, Lily grew up with the most entertaining set of dads. One is loud and bubbly and the other is quiet and practical along with an extremely sarcastic daughter, I mean who wouldn’t be entertained in the house like that! The girl shares an equal amount of love for both her dads but the connection between Lily and Cameron speaks to us the most. The two Cameron have grown extremely close to each other, sometimes he can’t even stay away from Lily even when he is in the shower!

Billy Ray Stewart- Hannah Montana

Coolest Dads of Television
Coolest Dads of Television

What’s better than your real dad playing your reel dad on a hit TV show? Billy Ray gave us all the dad goals we needed. He was a supportive, handsome, loving, and caring father. His sarcastic and chilled out bond with Jackson on one hand and caring and supportive bond with Miley on the other was truly special and fun to watch. Hannah Montana, his teen pop star daughter lived a dual life and he helped to keep it as secretive as one can, even compromising his own career over hers. As a single dad, it must have been hard to raise two kids all by himself, but we must say that he was an extraordinary father to his talented kids.

Randall Pearson- This is Us

Randall is a protective yet cool dad. He is very friendly and easy to talk to, probably that’s why her elder daughter, Tess could easily share her problems with him. He adopted a foster girl, Déjà, and genuinely tried to understand her and comfort her when her biological mom went to jail (Maybe because a similar thing happened in his childhood too as he was raised by an adoptive family). He is a doting father and occasionally bores everyone by his “dad jokes”, but we love his goofiness and tender nature. We think he has probably got it from his dad, Jack Pearson!

Alan Harper- Two and a Half Men

Coolest Dads of Television

He was a dumb dad, which made him look cool and funny on TV. We all know Alan was a leech, who lived off his brother’s expenses and at his house and then with an unknown person who later bought that house. But Alan was a good dad, sometimes careless like when he forgot to pick up Jake from school or the fact that he would let Jake with Charlie knowing Charlie to be irresponsible and a womanizer. But Alan did care for his son. He was opened to him about his divorce or his relationships and encouraged Jake to find his career calling on his own terms. He was a struggling dad for sure, but despite all of that he made sure that Jake would get a home (even if it’s someone else’s!).

Charles Boyle-  Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Charles was by no doubt the best mate one could wish for, but he was also the coolest dad ever too! He adopted Nikaloj and gave the child the best and the safest environment to start his new journey. Of course one can ignore some subtle stupid comments he made like, “he doesn’t want a stupid kid who doesn’t know Jake” but apart from this he always supported his kid, and worked hard to gain the child’s love and trust. He taught the kid to be humble, kind, fun, and above all showed acceptance to his desires instead of imposing his on the child. So by no doubt, Charles Boyle has got great genes in parenting and unconditional loving department. And also its NIKALOJ…!

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