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    This Is Us: Season 5 Major Plot Hole

    This Is Us Season 5 has been a real tear-jerker with the deepest issues that the kids never talked much about. This season also addresses the pandemic and the BLM. The Pearsons are somewhat on their own with everyone in different cities with their own problems. Before going on a hiatus, at the end of This Is Us Season 5,…

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  • HollywoodCool Dads of Television

    The 10 Coolest Dads in The History of Television

    Television has its own way of giving wings to our imagination and expectations. Sometimes by bringing a ridiculously handsome love interest or the other times by bringing glamour beyond satisfaction, but this time we are gonna talk about the ultimate one, the dad one! T.V. dads have their own cool and eccentric vibe going on, where they are unbelievably chilled,…

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