10 Times Your Favorite Series Were Spoiled By TV Seasons

All it takes is a single season to ruin your entire experience with a TV series. Even though we enjoy watching movies, there is a different and stronger connection with TV shows. We invest a substantial amount of time and interest in the story and get attached to the characters. Watching them every day makes them a part of our lives. It’s safe to say that series are like a ‘man’s best friend’. This is exactly what Netflix capitalized on with its tagline “Netflix & Chill” since people often find comfort in the series than going outside and socializing.

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We hold TV shows and our friends on the same pedestal. Therefore, it hurts and takes time to process when a show you were hooked on declines in quality. Some shows start really well and proceed with the engaging and absorbing plot but suddenly hit a cliff and get ruined. One season is enough to crush its image and slowly it destroys the whole storyline with subsequent seasons. Here are the 10 of your favorite series spoiled by TV seasons. Let us know if we missed any more shows and if you agree with this list.

 1. Game of Thrones- Season 05

Game of Thrones is one show that took the world by storm from the first episode. The show was part of every conversation and fan theory pages. We have never had such shocking and jaw-dropping plot twists in other shows. The mind-games, suspense, and cliffhangers went at a great speed until season 05. That’s when the story slowly began to lose its grip over the audience. Fans were disappointed by the poor adaption of the Sand Snakes characters from the books. Some were even outraged by the over-abusing of female characters in the story.

 2. House of Cards- Season 03

The primary aim of House of Cards was to capture Frank Underwood’s questionable journey to become the President of the United States. Viewers were engrossed in Frank’s schemes, plots, and murders to reach the top in the first two seasons. But after he and Claire maliciously achieved what they desired, the show lost its track. Season 3 was only about the running and functioning of the office that diverted from the main storyline.

 3. Prison Break- Season 2

Series Spoiled By TV Seasons
Series Spoiled By TV Seasons

Nothing can grasp your attention on the screen like the adventures of an ingenious man trying to help his innocent brother escape prison. The first season navigated through the schemes of the men driven by only one mission, prison break. But as they managed to break free from the pit, the 2nd season didn’t stick to its title and expanded to problems outside the prison walls.

 4. True Detective- Season 02

The first season of True Detective explored beyond the realms of dark and violent detective shows as it cast light on the inner battles of the cops and detectives. But the following season stuck to the cliché adventures of crime mysteries and detectives which bored the audience.

 5. Dexter- Season 08

Series Spoiled By TV Seasons
Series Spoiled By TV Seasons

Dexter was one of the most-watched series during its time. Everyone was hooked to it until season 08 where new characters toppled the existing supporting characters from the spotlight. To make it worse, neither of the new characters’ stories had bloomed as expected. But what crushed the fans was the finale. Everyone expected a mind-blowing finale that would bring justice to Dexter’s crimes. But Dexter escaped everyone and ended up continuing his life with a new identity.

 6. Arrested Development- Season 04

Arrested Development was a beloved sitcom of the early ‘00s and fans rejoiced after the cancelled show was set to air again on Netflix with Season 04. But all the excitement drowned after a few episodes when their favorite characters weren’t involved in the show the same way. Since the darling cast was busy with other projects, the entire family couldn’t feature together that often.

 7. How I Met Your Mother- Season 06

The finale of How I Met Your Mother was the most disappointing endings in the history of TV series. Fans wasted eight seasons only meet the ‘mother’ for few episodes and watch Ted reunite with Robin in the end. But HIMYM began crushing fans’ expectations since season 06. Not only were viewers losing patience over meeting the couple but they were also peeved with Ted and Zoey’s relationship. How Zoey was given so much spotlight was beyond our understanding since she was super manipulative and evil.

 8. Lost- Season 06

Fan Favorite Mystery TV Shows

Lost had grabbed so much attention because of its mind-boggling mysteries. Unfortunately, fans were left with those unsolved mysteries as the sixth season ended abruptly. Some did like the open-ended style but others wanted definitive answers to all the questions that the show had built up. Fans were poorly paid for investing time and brains on forming theories surrounding the puzzles.

 9. Supernatural- Season 06

Series Spoiled By TV Seasons
Series Spoiled By TV Seasons

Supernatural started with a great and extremely absorbing plot. Every thrilling episode and moment had you by the edge of the seats. The show was slowly building up the main story, season by season. It wasn’t until later that we learn the main villain of Lucifer, Ruby, and Lily were just his pawns. Every season ended with a major plot twist and a heartbreaking moment. But by the time we reached the sixth season, most of the viewers were bored of Sam and Dean dying and traveling to hell and heaven over and over again. It started to stretch itself with way too many dull twists and ended up losing viewers in the process.

 10. The Walking Dead- Season 06

The sixth focused more on achieving dramatic moments that maintaining a consistent plot. The image of the characters in our minds was crushed due to their surprising actions that didn’t associate with their personality. Furthermore, the last scene where the viewers are not shown who gets killed by Negan was annoying beyond tolerance.

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