This Character May Provide A Link Between Thor Ragnarok and Infinity War

[lazyimage][/lazyimage]With the marks of a war on the horizon, every new character that has been or will be introduced in Marvel Cinematic Universe has a part to play in the pending war. Marvel will release Thor Ragnarok in 2017, introducing new beings that have affiliations significant for the Infinity War. One such character is The Grandmaster.

The Grandmaster will be seen in Thor Ragnarok on the planet Sakaar where he will oversee the gladiator matches that are forced on alien prisoners. Although the Red King was the ruler of Sakaar in the comics, it seems like The Grandmaster has taken over that role. But that is not the only role that he may be used for.

In the comics, The Grandmaster was one of the Elders and the oldest beings to roam the Marvel multiverse. Each Elder found a way to achieve immortality and found personal interests that held their interest through the many centuries.The Grandmaster likes to play games. And we are not talking video games or board games. The old guy liked to see people fight, even inciting some himself.

The first Elder featured in the MCU was The Collector in Guardians Of The Galaxy where the Power Stone was handed over to him by the Guardians. He also was the holder of the Reality Stone. The Grandmaster was also another Elder who owned an Infinity stone or gem as they were called. He once possesses the Mind Gem which Thanos won from him in a game. The titan king also killed him in the process, because he just was that vicious.

Thor Ragnarok and Infinity War

Since The Mind Stone has already been seen in various MCU movies, the only stone left is the Soul Stone which has been rumored to be making an appearance in Ragnarok. Will the inclusion of The Grandmaster be associated with the last Infinity Stone? We hope so because Thanos seems to be moving too slowly for our liking.

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