Disney Villains Who Deserved Their Own Spin Off

Disney Villains Deserved Spin-Off:

Being grown up watching Disney movies and creating our own romantic fantasies around it, one can never forget the impact it posed on us as children. And their impact wouldn’t have been so significant if it weren’t for the villains who differentiated the line between right and wrong. Although as kids we always focused on positive and flawless aspects of characters, with age and maturity one cannot ignore the complexity and fascination towards the villains and the light and moral they bring to the story. Hence, here we are shortlisting some of the villains who deserved their spin-offs.

 1. Jafar in Aladdin

Disney Villains Deserved Spin Off
Disney Villains Deserved Spin Off

Known to be driven by greed and hunger for being the most wealthy and powerful sorcerer in the world, Jafar sets up standards for villains’ way too high. Also acknowledged by some to be the male version of Maleficent, Jafar was more than just some power-driven force but quite manipulative and tactful. He not only managed to trick the king into marrying his daughter to him but with his spectrum and parrot by his side, he made himself ready for everything that might come in his way. Jafar’s character deserves a better understanding of how he got caught up in the race of achieving something impossible and what made him refuse to stop at nothing.


 2. Gaston in Beauty And The Beast

Although being shown as an egoistic and self-centered man, Gaston also has his ways of surprising us in the movie. He is shown as a womanizer and a person so high on pride that he sees nothing but himself. Although he is shown to love challenges and thinks nothing is impossible for him to achieve, showing an amazing example of ego and narcissism all by himself, he is also driven mad and obsessed by Bella when he finds it impossible to get her. The character bears many qualities, thus making him one of his kind. He surely deserves a personal space.

3. Ursula in The Little Mermaid

Disney Villains Deserved Spin Off
Disney Villains Deserved Spin Off

The sea witch can manipulate people into her trap and strikes a bargain with them which ultimately results in their downfall and her uprising is far too intriguing to ignore. Knowing for making a bargain with Ariel for her voice in exchange for human legs, Ursula always had an ulterior motive behind her every move, making her more cunning and vicious than any other villain. The character is shown as a smart and witty witch who makes very calculated moves to gain power and control. Although movies covered just her shrewd and witty side, one truly deserves to know about her past and how like a true master on a chessboard, her every move was well written and considerate.

4. Lady Tremaine In Cinderella

Known for being highly opportunist and shrewd, Lady Tremaine and her daughter bring much-needed humor to the story in their twisted ways. Intentionally taking advantage of a rich widower and confiscating all his will to be strong in the society, Lady Tremaine makes her way from having nothing to everything. The character although seen as a villain, tend to oversee her as a good mother to her daughters despite their endless flaws and mistakes. One can surely look forward to seeing her on the big screen as an opportunistic wife, shrewd stepmother, and a loving mother.

5. Evil Queen in Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs

Disney Villains Deserved Spin Off
Disney Villains Deserved Spin Off

A powerful witch and queen knew for her magnificent and breathtaking looks in her era and driven by jealousy and obsession to remain the most beautiful woman in the kingdom, the Evil Queen could not bear the sight of snow white and her beauty. Being caught up in the illusion of the exterior beauty, she couldn’t understand the importance of the one that lies within and did some unspeakable acts to maintain her looks and glamour. The character is constantly shown in a state of denial and lets her envy and the wrath towards snow white and her aging get the better of her. She deserved her spin-off more than anyone as one can only imagine knowing the reasons behind her obsession with her looks and how as a child she must have felt overwhelmed or maybe inferior to others thus, turning her into an evil queen in later life.

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