10 Questions That Make The Superhit Movies Look Silly

Superhit Movies Look Silly:

Ever had that student in the class whose questions would peeve the teachers? There is no end to a list of questions and some of them even make the most genius ideas look dumb. It’s safe to say that not every doubt and question have an answer to it. Imagining a good story is not easy and definitely not everyone’s cup of tea. Some writers and directors have visualized plots and tried their best to not leave any space for doubts. They have tied even the fictional elements with logic so no genius pops up a question that renders the movies looking stupid. But no matter how hard they try, at least one knot is left untied. We tried to list the most common questions asked by ingenious fans. Without further ado, let us look at the 10 popular questions that make movies and series look silly.

 1. Will Thor Forget The Avengers?

According to Marvel Comics, Thor has been around for about a millennium and if he has a lifeline as long as his father, i.e., about 5 millenniums, MCU Phase 1-3 would be an insignificant time period for him. So should we assume that Thor will hardly remember a fragment of Iron Man, Captain America, Jane Foster, and his friend from work, Bruce Banner?  10 years are nothing for someone who has lived over 1000 years.

 2. No One Heard The T-Rex In Jurassic Park

Even though we have never coexisted with dinosaurs, we can tell that their footsteps would create mild tremors. We legit feel when a loaded truck passes by then how couldn’t anyone hear the T-Rex walk into visitor center? We can’t possibly imagine it to tiptoe!

 3. How Do Time Machine Land On Empty Grounds?

In Back to The Future, the time machine used to always land on empty space. Did it detect the arriving ground in advance? Moreover, what if something gets built on the location in the future? Half of the barren grounds, forests, nature parks around me have sadly been replaced by tall buildings and malls. Similarly, there was a high chance of DeLorean appearing from thin air and crashing into a wall.

4. Does Superman Use A Map?


Even The Flash of CW has shown a team of three-four people guiding Barry Allen through a GPS. If the speedster needs directions, why doesn’t Superman? We know that Superman is the most powerful and his enhanced abilities surpass other heroes. But that surely doesn’t include a GPS? He just flies up in the air where there are no signboards without the help of a map or any guiding system.

 5. What Do People Eat In Disney Movies?

Superhit Movies Look Silly

Every living thing in Disney movies lives life like humans. They can talk, sing, do jobs, and whatnot. This implies that humans, animals, and plants are used to coexist in the same civilization since all the species are blessed with talking mouths and high intellects. Which leaves us down to the food chain. What do humans eat in this world? Do they eat the talking chickens and fish they are surrounded by?

 6. The Matrix

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The limit to what and how much you can take to The Matrix was never defined. If that implied that one could take whatever they wanted through the matrix, why did Neo and Trinity keep their resources so narrow? They only carried guns when they could have taken tanks and other ballistics with them for their advantage.

 7. Is Size The Only Thing That Matters in ‘Big’?

Tom Hanks’s character came across the wish-fulfilling and fortune-telling machine, Zoltar, and his concerns only revolve around growing big and then back small. You have a rare machine that grants whatever you wish and you are telling us that he couldn’t think of anything more? Not even a jacuzzi or an Iron Man suit?

 8. ‘Labyrinth’ Was Too Cynical For Kids

Superhit Movies Look Silly
Superhit Movies Look Silly

‘Labyrinth’ was supposed to be a fantasy movie for kids where a sister embarks on a dangerous mission to save her little brother from the grasps of an evil goblin. But as she gets down the path, she comes across senseless riddles and games that she has to solve in order to win. But every fictional character that fell upon her journey mentioned that they had been in it for 1000 years and never saw anyone overcoming the challenges. This means that Jennifer Connelly winning and rescuing her brother wasn’t a happy ending. Though the goblin was defeated, he didn’t die and like his past records, he would go on hunting kids. That sounds pretty dark for a children’s movie.

 9. Voldemort’s Painting in the Harry Potter Universe

In Harry Potter, we have learned that the portraits in the wizarding world could think, move, and hold conversations with people. They were not just video clips like “muggles” use but capture the true essence, personality of the dead person. Even Phineas Nigellus could travel through his paintings, spy on wizards, and drop messages. Dumbledore was also very much alive in his paintings after his death and guided Severus Snape with his ideas. What if someone painted a portrait of Voldemort and used it to rise another havoc in the world? Voldemort, as we know, was smooth in manipulating people and got his dirty tasks done even when he didn’t have a body. Painting him would capture the destroyed soul of Voldemort and revive his evil nature.

 10. Wiping Off Jamaica For The Space Station In Dr. No?

Superhit Movies Look Silly
Superhit Movies Look Silly

One of James Bond’s missions involved thwarting the veil scientist Dr. No’s plans to sabotage the US Space Station by building a nuclear weapon. But the agent 007 would go to any lengths to stop the terrorists, even it costs the whole country. Without giving any thought to the repercussion or evacuating the place, James Bond overloads the atomic reactor of the island that would have led to a disastrous explosion, taking down its neighboring places with it.

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