10 Moments in Batman V Superman That Were Too Dark For Kids

Dark Moments in Batman V Superman: 

Most of us have been following heroes like Superman and Batman since we were kids. They gave us hope by fighting the big baddies and saving the world. Everyone needs a superhero to look up to, for they bring the good in us. Even though we are a bunch of grownups who are passionate about comic books, this area is mostly linked to kids. They help us in escape our reality to a world where everything is possible. Kids believe when caped heroes lift planes and buildings or when they knock off big monsters. Studios like DCEU and Marvel breathe life into these characters and bring them live on the screen. But some directors are slowly shifting from the fantasy land to the grim side. We thought that it was Harry Potter movies that slowly turned too dark for the kids. But Batman V Superman changed the whole meaning of superheroes adventures for kids.

Even Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy and Todd Phillip’s were too gloomy but then, these movies wanted to keep the plot close to reality. However, BvS adopted the superhero genre and had a plot that was most-awaited by true DC Comics fans, for they could watch the greatest superhero fight each other. But it ended up shifting our focus to the grim events of the film. Let us talk about the 10 darkest moments in Batman V Superman that not made for kids.

Wallace O’Keefe’s Legs

Wallace was a formal employee at the Wayne Industries who met a horrific fate after a Kryptonian invasion. While action and some violence are inevitable in these films, we did not see this painful episode coming. After General Zod’s World Engine destroyed one of Wayne’s buildings, a beam fell over both his legs. By the time Bruce saved him from the rubble, Wallace had already lost his legs. The scene was so explicit that it echoed in our minds for a long time.

Suicide Bombing

When Superman is summoned by the Senate to answer for his actions, Lex Luthor sends a suicide bomber to the hearing. As he blows himself up, he takes down all the innocents in the building with him. Noone but Superman walked out of it unscathed. Despite his presence in the building, Superman couldn’t come to anyone’s rescue.

Kidnapping Martha Kent

Lex Luthor is the biggest nemesis of Supes and we can always expect the worse from him. But we never thought Lex to be so twisted that he’d kidnap Superman’s mother Martha Kent to turn him against Batman. It didn’t stop at the kidnapping as Lex’s goons stooped so low that they physically assaulted her and took pictures.

Batman’s Heart Getting Crushed

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Superman may be God and savior of all but his biggest drawback is starting confrontation with a punch. He should learn from his cousin Supergirl who is strategic and resorts to dialogue before getting violent. And in BvS, Superman takes it a notch up after he captures Batman and immediately greets him by extending his hand to Batman’s chest and crushing his heart.

The Bat Brand Of Criminals

Batman has always been tilted on an edgier side but the film turned him into an insane vigilante who liked to brand his victims. After beating up the criminals, the cynical Dark Knight would melt their skin with his bat logo.

Little Girl Watching Her Parents Die

The movie begins on a grim note where Superman and Zod’s careless fight destroys everything and everyone around them.    Bruce Wayne steps in to clean up the mess and save the innocents who are affected by it. He rescues a girl from a fire who is in trauma after watching her parents die in the explosion.

Attacking Superman With Nukes

Showing the idea of blowing up a fan favorite hero with nuclear bomb is too disturbing and overwhelming. It was the president’s idea to blow up Doomsday with the nuke but at the cost of Superman as a casualty. Unfortunately the mission fails to kill Doomsday and leaves Superman floating in space.

Threat To Burn Martha Kent’s Face

Another time the superhero’s mother got roped into a fight was when Knyazev kidnapped Martha. It jumps from a superhero genre to a violent movie when he threatens to burn Martha’s face if Superman fails to kill Batman.

Dystopian Future

Who saw a superhero movies turning so dark and cynical beyond return? In one of Bruce’s dreams, he is taken to a Dystopian future where Lois Lane dies and leaves the fate of humans at the mercy of Superman. Nothing is left except for abandoned ghost town.

Superman Being Stabbed With Bone

Doomsday was the only villain from the main continuity to kill Superman. In the movie, the only way to kill Doomsday was by stabbing his heart with a spear made of kryptonite. But while doing so, Superman gets himself impaled by Doomsday. Even though he survived the nuclear bomb, Superman succumbed to Doomsday’s attack as his body was already weakened by holding the kryptonite spear.

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